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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Concert No 309 - Sudha Raghunathan

  1. Sarasuda - Saaveri
  2. Ekadantham - Bilahari
  3. Gaanamurthe - Gaanamurthi
  4. Nee ella - Kaanada
  5. Nee vaada - Saarangaa
  6. Paraakela - Kedhaaragowla
  7. Aalaapana - Karaharapriya
  8. Pakkala Nilapadi - Karaharapriya
  9. Vaa Murugaa vaa - Begadaa
  10. RTP - Hamasanandhi
  11. Aayiram Aayiram - Charukesi
  12. Sai bhajan
  13. Theeraadha vilaiyaattu pillai
  14. Thillaanaa - Surutti
...that no financial crisis can overpower the peace of

At a time of extraordinary uncertainty, people are
turning everywhere for answers. How about to God?
Those who know God as a living reality in their lives
are finding peace in the midst of turmoil, security in
the face of fear.

It's all, in the end, about priorities. Life priorities. Do
your priorities have to do with the body? Or with
the soul?

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