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Monday, June 18, 2012

Concert No 319 - K. Bharatsunder

  1. Swaminaatha - Naattai
  2. Marivere - Lathaangi
  3. Aalaapana - Reethigowla
  4. Janani ninnuvina - Reethigowla
  5. Sobillu - Jaganmohini
  6. Aalaapana - Thodi
  7. Daasukovalena - Thodi
  8. Thillaana - Mohanakalyaani
...that your Inner Life is begging you for some attention.
Can you not hear your soul calling to you?

Please do not ignore this call any longer. Please do not
say, "Yeah, yeah, tonight." Or..."Okay, I get it. Starting
tomorrow I will meditate every morning..."

Stop everything right this minute. If only for 90 seconds.
And say hello to your soul. Reconnect. Touch in. And
listen to what you are trying to tell yourself.

1 comment:

Mahadeva Sharma said...

resp sir,

the thillana mentioned is not mohana kalyani i hope.. some thing like maand.

mahadeva sharma
adykne J