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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Concert - K. Gayathri

Download 01_Shan_karaharapriya_rAgamAlika_varNa_suguna_purshottaman.mp3
Download 02_mEru_samAna_DhIra-mAyAmALavagouLa-madhyAdhi-thyAgarAja.mp3
Download 03_sahAna_AlApane.mp3
Download 04_ChittamIrangadenayya-Shahana-NChapu-PSivan.mp3
Download 05_SantanaGopalaKrishnam_Khamas_Rupaka_MuthuswamyDikshithar.mp3
Download 06_madhyamAvathi_AlApane.mp3
Download 07_pAlinchu_kAmAkshi-madhyamAvathi-Adhi-shyAmA_shAsthry.mp3
Download 08_rAga_tAna_shaNmukhapriya.mp3
Download 09_RTP_shanmukhapriya_natta_vasanti.mp3
Download 10_maravene_nAdanAmakriya.mp3

..that happiness and joy comes to you when it moves
through you. There is no other pathway--and that's
the miracle.

You will have a number of opportunities in the days
just ahead to be a vehicle of happiness and joy for
another. Step right into that. Be the source of that.

As you bring others to a smile, so, too, will you
bring yourself. The method is foolproof.

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