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Friday, July 13, 2012

Concert - Vadhyalahiri

  1. Evaribodhana - Aabhogi
  2. Pramaamyaham
  3. Endharo - Sri
  4. Dheva dheva - Mayamalavagowlai
  5. Nannuvidachi - Reethigowlai
  6. Thelisirama - Poornachandrika
  7. Mokshamu - Saaramathi
  8. Edhaiyaa gathi - Chalanattai
  9. RTP - Hemavathi
  10. Jaanakiramana - Kaapi
  11. Yaadavaraaya 
  12. Thillaana - Revathi
  13. Mangalam
....that challenges are what you came for. And you are 
never, ever, given a challenge you cannot overcome.

The purpose of life is to give you a chance to be the
grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held
about Who You Are. When challenges arrive, then, 
move straight to clarity: This is what you came for.

Now rise to this occasion, and know that you have
every resource with which to create the right and
perfect outcome.

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