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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Concert - O.S. Thiagarajan

  1. Varnam - Karunimpa - Sahaanaa
  2. Muddumomu - Suryakantham
  3. Ora chupu - Kannadagowla
  4. Aalaapana - poorvikalyani
  5. Gnaana mosaga - Poorvikalyaani
  6. Aalaapanaa - Sankarabaranam
  7. Edhta nilachite - Sankarabaranam
  8. Thani 
  9. RTP - Shanmugapriya
  10. RTP - Shanmugapriya
  11. Thillaana
  12. Mangalam

...that a child is fed with milk and praise.

Mary Lamb said that, and she was right. Our Little
Ones depend on us to remind them of Who They
Really Are. Do not miss a single change to do that.

And while you are at it, offer some praise, daily, to
the Child Within. Your personal Little One could use
some love right now. In fact, always.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the link.However unable access the link "File belongs to suspended account"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great service. I am unable to download the song . Getting "Suspended Account" error message.

murphy said...

Sir ,

None of the link is suddendly not working.we could not hear or download from media fire.It says fils might have bloked or deleted. " Free cloud storage mediafire "was the url.before it was not.Help please.

Thanks in advance.