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Monday, October 8, 2012

An open letter to Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Respected Madam,

I happened to be on tour on southern parts of Tamilandu for fifteen days. Really the power cut problem was so bad, people are very much frustrated. Nearly 14 hours a day there was no power supply. Even in houses where there were inverters with battery backing suffered, because, they could not get charged because of the intermittent power cuts .The difficulties the Industries and business people are facing is well told by print media and electronic media.

Perhaps, you hope to solve the problem in another 12 months, so that the you can get better result in Parliamentary elections and by the time the next assembly elections people may forget this problem.

I remember, few years back, when the city of Madras faced acute shortage of water, you introduced "Rain harvesting" and made every building to harvest rain compulsorily. Since then, the city of Madras has never faced major water shortage.

It is high time you now introduce solar power system and make it compulsory that every building in Tamilnadu must have installation of solar panels. Even country like United state of America, who is not so desperate for want of power like us, has made it  compulsory to have solar panels in all the new buildings.

Your Government can induce public to go in big scale by giving incentives or subsidies. This will go a long way to solve our power(!) problem and you will go well in the history of Tamilnadu.

With greetings
A true citizen

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