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Monday, November 26, 2012

Concert - Sandeep Narayanan


Download 01_Shiva_lOka_nAthanai_mAyAmALavagauLa_rUpaka_Gopalakrishna_Bharati.mp3
Download 02-BhajarE_rE_chittha-kalyANi-M_Eka-MutthuswAmy_dhIkshithar.mp3
Download 03_gAngEya_bhushaNi_AlApane.mp3
Download 04_evvarE-rAmayya_gAngEya-bhushini_Adi_Tyagaraja.mp3
Download 05_bhairavi_AlApane.mp3
Download 06_sarI_evaramma_Bhairavi_Jhampa_Shyama_Shastri.mp3
Download 07_tani.mp3
Download 08_tillAna_chandrajyOthi.mp3

Courtesy: Sangeethapriya

...that that the day of your birth was a wonderful day for
all who now know you -- and even for all of humanity.

Why? Because you are so incredibly special. Because
you are Love, personified. Wisdom, expressed. Caring
and Compassion, demonstrated.  Courage, revealed.

Because you are Humanity At Its Best. They don't get
any better than you. Truly. And if you do not know this,
then you do not know Who and What You Are.
So today, create a way to know that.
(By creating a way to show that...)

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