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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Concert - Maharajapuram Santhanam

Download 01 Varnam - Chharukesi - Innum en ma.mp3
Download 02 Sri Mahaganapathe - Natta.mp3
Download 03 Paripaalaya - Panduvarali.mp3
Download 04 Raghuveera ranadheera- Husseni.mp3
Download 05 Naarayana - Sudha Danyasi.mp3
Download 06 Mohana Raama - Mohanam.mp3
Download 07 Thathwamariya - Garudadwani.mp3
Download 11 Govindha ninna - Janasamodini.mp3
Download 12 Erumayil - Hamsanandi.mp3
Download 13 Thunga Theera - Peelu.mp3
Download 14 Nalinakanthi - Ragamalika.mp3
Download 15 Sree Chakra - Ragamalika.mp3
Download 17 Vilaiyaada - Shanmugapriya.mp3
Download 18 Thillaana - Basanth Bahar.mp3
Download 19 Thillaana - Siva Ranjini.mp3
Download 20 Mangalam.mp3

...that it is not necessary for you to report everyone's
mistakes to them, much less to give them corrections.

It can be difficult, when you think you know a better way
to door say something, to keep that to yourself.  But try.
Unless someone's life or safety depends on it, do try. 

You would not welcome someone else pointing out
your own misstep, orless-than-totally-efficient approach
to something. Why point it out to them? Do you see it as
your duty in life to make sure that all goes the way you 
think it 'should'?

That would be an inaccurate assessment of your soul's
grander purpose.

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