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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My diary - 20.12.12

I have added eight more songs to the label "S.G.Kittappa" today thanks to Mr. Bhaskaran Sivaraman 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan
To quote from a novel of James Hadley Chase, "Long Time No See". Now I have completed 6o years and I took a personal vow that even though I visit the blog of the Sir regularly, I must write only when the Sir acceded to my request on my long standing prayer on the following songs.
"Illai Enbar Yaarada" by MMD.
"Nallathor Veenai Seydhen" by CSJ,
"Varuvai Varuvai Varuvai Kanna", "Eththanai Kodi Inbam Vaiththai", both by Smt.S.Janaki.

Today I am communicating because of the fear that my request might have been forgotten.

Sorry for the troublesome reminder. I mean no offence.
When the Sir can get songs of SGK, my confident level increased that the Sir will also fullfil my request. Thank You, Sir.

With warm regards