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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Concert - Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar

Download 01-entharo-sriragam.mp3
Download 02-ramanatham-pantuvarali.mp3
Download 03-chakkani raja-karaharapriya.mp3
Download 04-ninnu vina-poorvikalyani.mp3
Download 05-harihara-vasantha.mp3
Download 06-tani avartanam.mp3
Download 07-hechhariga-yadukulakambodi.mp3
Download 08a-todi-alapana.mp3
Download 08b-koluva-todi.mp3
Download 09-tolijenma-bilahari.mp3
Download 10a-sankarabharanam-alapana&tanam.mp3
Download 10b-pallavi&ragamalika.mp3
Download 11-tani avartanam.mp3
Download 12-tukkadas&mangalam.mp3

....that no man is hurt but by himself.

Diogenes said that, and he was right. Every person's
experience is created internally, by him or herself. No
one outside of you can tell you what anything means,
or whether you are "hurt" or not.

If you feel hurt by something or someone, it is the result
of your decision to feel that way. This may be tough to
hear, but it is true. You can change your mind at any
moment.about how something is affecting you.

I have today refreshed the concert No 264 of 

T.M.Krishna under the label "Concerts"

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