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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Will this happen for the better future of India?

This was an open letter written by Mr. Chetan Bagat in Times of India. How good it will be for India, if Mr. Modi and Mr. Nitish Kumar come together
Dear Nitish-ji,

I remember visiting Patna in November 2010. It was right after your election victory in which you clobbered your opponents. There was euphoria amongst common people. From the airport taxi driver, the hotel reception staff and litti-chokha stall owners to journalists to IAS officers, everyone spoke about how Bihar was changing for the better because of you. I am your fan too. We remember the lawlessness and lack of progress in Bihar before you. You have transformed one the most difficult to govern regions of India. You also have impeccable conduct, with the right amount of humility, inclusiveness and secular attitudes.

With such a positive image, however, one thing is surprising. One cannot help but notice a bit of insecurity about your voter base. It is as if you are not sure people in Bihar will vote for you if you do not get your Hindu-Muslim calculations right. For why else would you oppose Narendra Modi as a choice of PM candidate for your bigger national ally BJP, when he is clearly the frontrunner in that party?

Sure, Indian politics works on votebanks. Even a novice political analyst knows that no Indian politician can win without getting the caste, religion and community math right. However, you are no ordinary politician. In a country where the world politician is akin to abuse, you are one of the rare few that command respect. Unlike other politicians, people vote for you, and praise you because of your work.

Perhaps in your earlier days, to establish yourself, you had to play identity politics. Today, Nitish Kumar wins because he has done stellar work. He doesn’t need to be insecure anymore.

We must have a competitive election in 2014, as that will keep both the major parties on their toes. Indians deserve choices, in the leaders that might govern them.

We know who leads the Congress, and there is little debate there. In the BJP, Narendra Modi seems to be the clear standout candidate who can put up a solid fight with the ruling party. This candidate has not been chosen on a whim. It is a result of the popular mood. By not respecting that decision, you are, in a way not respecting the popular mood.

The future of India depends on how well you can come to terms with your apprehensions and insecurities about backing the candidate chosen by your allies.

Do you really want the fourth generation dynasts to have a cakewalk election? Do you really want India to have a PM who never talks to the media or takes questions from people? You, of all people, have come up as a politician on pure merit. Will the end purpose and culmination of all your achievements be to indirectly support a dynastic family with a ruler that will be rarely there for his people?

In asking for a secular PM candidate from your allies, you are implying certain BJP leaders are secular and some are not, which is an indirect slur on the party you are partnering with. It isn’t fair.

In fact, if you do have apprehensions about people’s secular credentials, whether real or perceived, you are needed even more. For you will be the perfect counterbalance to keep any occasional communal tendencies in check.
Nitish Kumar will not only be partnering and supporting the BJP to ensure it does good work, but will also be watching and monitoring, to ensure the secular fabric of the nation is intact. In this way, you are extremely vital in this partnership. You are of course, also vital in your appeal in eastern parts of India, where Mr Modi may not have such a following.

I hope you will reflect on what is at stake here. India’s youth is waiting, almost clamoring for a real leader at the top. You can either help make that happen, or play politics like the rest of them. However, the difference is Nitish-ji, you are not like the rest of them. We have hope from you.

Frankly, if politics were to be played, there can be a solution to your hesitation about Mr Modi. There can be a front candidate, who is more palatable and Mr Modi behind him. This will keep up the appearances, keep you happy, and still give Mr Modi the control.

However, this would be wrong. We have had enough of political games. We don’t want puppet title-holders with unaccountable leaders hiding behind them. Why fake it? If BJP supporters want and see Mr Modi as their leader, why put on a front for appearances? How will it be different from the current setup?

Hence, please for the sake of the country, relent a little. Your vote in Bihar is secure. People of Bihar, Muslims or Hindus or otherwise, have faith in you. They will understand the reasons for you supporting your allies’ choice. You don’t win on vote bank calculations . You are a brand. Your name alone makes people stamp on the ballot paper.

Let’s make 2014 a real fight. And then, may the best man win.

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Dear Sir Shri Harharan Vaidhyabathan

I got your email and I have signed in the letter with the caption WILL THIS HAPPEN...... and the reason I have stated is I WILL ALWAYS OBLIGE SHRI HARIHARAN VAIDHYANATHAN.

With warm regards