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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Concert - Vidya Subramanian

Download 01-varnam-mohanakalyani-lalgudi_jayaraman.mp3
Download 02-Sanatana_paramapavana-Phalamanjari-tyagaraja.mp3
Download 03-Agastishvaram-lalita-m.dikshitar.mp3
Download 04-karpagame-madhyamavathi-kalyani_krishnaswamy.mp3
Download 05-thoomani_madathu-hamirkalyani-thiruppavai.mp3
Download 06-1-Shri_subrahmanyo-thodi-m.dikshitar.mp3
Download 06-2-Shri_subrahmanyo-thodi-m.dikshitar.mp3
Download 07-gopakumara-athana-uttukadu_venkata_subba_iyer.mp3
Download 08-RTP-nattakurinji.mp3
Download 09-virutham-kalyani_krshnaswami.mp3
Download 10-karunai_daivame-sindubhairavi-madurai_T_srinivasan.mp3
Download 11-kummi-lalgudi_gopala_iyer.mp3
Download 12-tillana-senchuruti-lalgudi_jayaraman.mp3
Download 13-ni_nama-saurashtram-tyagaraja.mp3


...that if you become ruffled with every comment that
you consider a 'slight,' you will never find peace.

Nor will you find it by always separating yourself from
those who ruffle you. You can only end so many
friendships before you find yourself very much alone.
You can keep making new friends, of course, but
sooner or later they will ruffle you -- and then what?

Perhaps the better course might be to let the ruffle
go. People rarely mean it when they do that, and a
touch of gentle tolerance and easy forgiveness every
day is even better than an apple...

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