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Monday, March 25, 2013

Concert - M.S. Subbulakshmi

Download 01_Kanjadhalayadhakshi.mp3
Download 02_Panthuvarali_Ragam.mp3
Download 03_Enna_Ganu_Rama_Bajana.mp3
Download 04_Mohanam_Ragam.mp3
Download 05_Narayana_Divya_Namam.mp3
Download 06_Thani.mp3
Download 07_Vadasi_Yadi.mp3
Download 08_Yaad_Aave.mp3
Download 09_Bengali_Song.mp3
Download 10_Bengali.mp3
Download 11_Nadha_Bindu.mp3

....that happiness is good health and a bad memory. 

Ingrid Bergman said that, and it is so true. Memories,
of course, bring up moments that are past, whereas
happiness is always found in the moment that is here,

Constantly remembering bad things, or sad things, can
rob you of your present -- that is, your pre-sent -- joy.
Happiness has been sent to you in advance by God. It
is here, in this moment, if you will seize it...and share it. 

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