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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Concert No 384 - Madurai Mani Iyer

Download 01 - AIR - Vachaspathi.mp3
Download 02 - Sahasrakara.mp3
Download 03 - Charukesi.mp3
Download 04 - ADAMODI.mp3
Download 05 - RTP - Begada - Sundaresa Iyer Violin .mp3
Download 06 - RTP - Contd.TKM - Mirudangam .mp3
Download 07 - Virutham.mp3
Download 08 - Thirupugazh.mp3

...that it is okay to want to make lots of plans, but it is
also okay to make lots of room for that which planning
can never produce. 

It's sometimes nice to get everything decided, settled,
and arranged. But you may want to leave room in your
life for spontaneity. Some of the best choices are made
"on the fly." Some of the best outcomes are created
by not needing anything specific to happen.

Who and how and why and when and where to love
often falls into this cagtegory.

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