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Thursday, September 2, 2021

It is interesting to know......

A Chimpanzee who suffers from alopecia shows how muscular these primates actually are underneath their usual coat of hair.
Chimpanzees are considered to be humans' closest living relative, according to evidence from fossils and DNA sequencing and share between 95 - 98 % of the same DNA. However, in relation to muscular strength, the two species cannot be compared. As per wildlife experts, chimps are incredibly strong and fast, so humans are easily overpowered.
According to biologist Alan Walker, the chimps are in fact at least four times as strong as humans and based on scientific research, the difference in strength between the two is relative to how well the muscles perform. In chimps, the muscle fibres closest to the bones - deemed to be the source of strength - are much longer and more dense. In other words, a chimp is able to generate more power despite using the exact same range of motion. Though, unlike humans, they don't possess much control over how they use their muscles and end up using more strength than necessary.

Courtesy: Face book group " Astronomy And Geography Lovers (AGL)


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