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Monday, February 1, 2010

S. Rajam - Navagraha keerthanais

The whole Carnatic music world is grieving the passing away of Sri. S. Rajam. Hre is my simple tribute to him.

  1. Suryamurthe - Souraashtram - Dhruva 
  2. Chandram bhaja maanasa - Asaaveri 
  3. - Surutti  
  4. Bhudhamaasrayaami - Nattaikurinji - Jampa 
  5. Brihaspathe - Ataana - Thriputa
  6. Sri sukra bhagawantham - Paras 
  7. Dhiwaakara Tanujam - Yadukulaambodhi 
  8. Smaramyaham - Raamapriya - Rupakam 
  9. Mahasuram - Shanmugapriya - Rupakam
There were errors in URL in the postings and so I have uploaded this afresh. Readers who had difficulty in downloading certain songs may now download afresh. Please let me know if there is any difficulty.


    Anonymous said...

    Please also make a tribute to great veena vidwan Trivandrum R. Venkatraman student of the great K.S. Narayanaswamy. He passed away tragically in a car accident with his daughter just days after being awarded the "Sangeetha Kala archarya" from the music academy.

    muralcr said...

    dear sir

    Tribute to rajam on media fire the first link to suraya murthe doesent work an error message is showing up this is for your information