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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My diary - 2nd February 2009

The picture of 9 Navagraha's ordered as per Hi...
There were errors while uploading Sri Rajam's Navagraha krithis and in the song "Saadhinchane" in the pancharathnakrithis of Sanjay Subramanian and P. Unnikrishnan duet.

Now I have corrected and I hope they are in order. If the readers get any error message, please inform me to enable me to correct again if necessary.

I am sorry for the inconveneience.


Kumaran said...

The details list of music are good. Can we get Lalitha Shasranamam or sthotram? pl help


Yes,I agree with Mr Kumaran -Think Loud contains subjects on almost on all fields -except Slokas - Sincere request please include this also



Anonymous said...

The secret of your superior picture quality pl.