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Friday, March 12, 2010

What is secularism and Art? - 2

In continuation of the previous posting, I received this interesting mail from Mr. Seshadre Srinivasa, which substantiates the claim in the previous mail.
As far as people like MF Hussain are concerned, I would say:
"Good riddance to bad rubbish." We do not need him nor do we need sermons on democracy from any country.
Let us see who in Qatar buys his paintings. He will have to paint signboards!
If you believe Hussain is wrong, forward this message
Be a judge of Hussain's paintings below.

                                                   Goddess Durga in sexual union with Tiger

                                                    Prophet's Daughter Fatima fully clothed

                                              Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shree Ganesh's head

                                                      M.F. Hussain's Mother fully clothed

                                                                Naked Saraswati

                                                              Mother Teresa fully clothed
                                                                    Naked Shri Parvati

                                                              Hussain's Daughter well clothed

                                                                           Naked Draupadi.

                                                            Well clothed Muslim Lady.
                                  Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita sitting on thigh of Ravana
                                               Muslim poets Faiz, Galib are shown well-clothed

Full Clad Muslim King and naked Hindu Brahmin. The  painting clearly indicates Hussain's tendency to paint any Hindu as naked and thus his hatred.

Naked Bharatmata - Hussain has shown naked woman with names of states written on different parts of her body. He has used Ashok Chakra, Tri-colour in the painting. By doing this he has violated law & hurt National Pride of Indians. Both these things should be of grave concern to every Indian irrespective of his religion.

Out of the four leaders M. Gandhi is decapitated and Hitler is naked. Hussain hates Hitler and has said in an interview 8 years ago that he has depicted Hitler naked to humiliate him and as he deserves it ! How come Hitler's nudity cause humiliation when in Hussain's own statement nudity in art depicts purity and is in fact an honour ! This shows Hussain's perversion and hypocrisy.


Krishnan said...

Dear Sir you are so right!we did still tolerated him in difference to his art. however he has shown himself to be no better than the Muslim zealots who preach hatred.He is better off where he is and best forgotten> No obit when he dies which is not to far!!!
dr e s krishnan

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

The democratic system helps these type artistes to still make their livings. I guess these artistes can not live for even a day in any other countries like Saudi Arabia.
He should not be killed. I rather prefer his both the hands to be cut and let like.

CA Kumar Sitaraman