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Friday, March 19, 2010

Why should you believe somebody else other than yourself?

மதிப்புக்குரிய கவர்னர் சல்லாபத்தில் ஈடுபடுகிறார். மக்கள் நம்பிக்கை வைத்து வாக்களித்த அரசியல்வாதிகள் ஊழல் புகாரில் சிறைக்குச் செல்கிறார்கள். கடவுளை பூஜிக்க வேண்டிய அர்ச்சகர் கோயில் கருவறையில் பெண்களுடன் உறவாடுகிறார். மன அமைதிக்காக மக்கள்
செல்லும் ஆசிரமங்கள்சர்ச்சைக் கூடாரங்களாக மாறுகின்றன.

இப்படியிருந்தால்........ மக்கள் யாரைத்தான் நம்புவது?

"A respected Governor is enjoying with women. The politicians on whom the people have faith are getting involved in corruption and go to prisons. The priest who is expected to worship God is having illicit relation with women in Sanctum. The Ashrams where people go for peace of mind are becoming controversial tents.

If this is so................whom the people have to believe?"

This is the translation of above mentioned statement made by a Tamil weekly "Kumudam" after stopping the articles published regularly for more than two years, written (?) by Nithyaanandhaa.

I was surprised at the last line. Why should you believe somebody? Through out my life I was pondering over this subject,whether you have to believe always in somebody to guide you or live on your own decisions. I arrived at a conclusion, that only if you have no confidence in yourselves, you need some body as your guide.

Of course, you need advice and guidance until the age of sixteen or eighteen from your parents, elders, teachers etc, because you may not be intelligent enough to decide what is right or wrong. Once you reach that age and had basic education to  understand and analyze matters, you alone have to be your master. I am not telling that you should not seek any body's advice in matters you did not comprehend. But, however after getting advice and guidance, it is you, you alone, should take decision and you should not be influenced by others advices.

You may face failures on account of your own decisions. But failures do happen when you act as per others advices also. It is better you fail on account of your own decisions than spoiling the image of the persons who advised you and claim themselves, that they are more knowledgeable than you.

You learn things from others! But, you be the judge on your acts after learning the subjects. It is the lack of confidence in self alone, make people go to some persons who claim that they are great, Guru, Swami etc. Let them teach anything. If you have time hear or read their preachings. But, is that necessary that you should become his disciple or follower? Don't you have the capacity to think over them and take the best things out of it and apply in your life and proceed? Is that necessary, you should go to them, every time to make any decisions on any issue. If you are taught to ask, "What, when, Why, How" on every subject you hear, and you have acquired sufficient knowledge to arrive at answers for these questions, why do you need some body else to do this job for you?

Vivekananda said , " The God for whom you are praying in temples, and crying in churches and mosques is your own self." If you are God itself, why do you need God-men? Have you ever thought over, "when these people claim they are God, Guru and Master for all of us, why  can't I be God, Guru and Master at least to myself."

I respect women a lot. I admire them on many aspects of qualities.  But it is they, in majority, who fall prey to such Swamijis, Gurus, and masters. Men also go, but very few of them become their devotees, and those who become the devotees are with ulterior motives, such as, the advantages of their company. They think of God-men only when they feel, that they are not able to achieve certain things on their own. Whereas women start thinking of these people, seek their blessings, even before they attempt something of their own. Even certain women, who are educated and independent from the influence of father, brother, husband and son are succumbing to these outsiders.

People are forgetting that these God-men are no way superior by education, superior in knowledge or experience, except they talk as though they are teaching something which was never told or written in our ancient books and literature. When we question our relatives, neighbours, friends turned out to be rich and possess huge wealth and properties, we never question these so called God-men acquiring wealth more than required for anybody, leave aside they preach detachment. Nobody thinks, why these God-men require so much of money and properties. "They are not asking, devotees are giving and they are running lot of institutions to help poor" is the statement by the followers of these God-men. In the process of this claim, they live in luxurious bungalows, have air-conditioned rooms and cars, consume drugs and enjoy women and what not !

How can somebody predict what is going to happen to you, when  himself does not know what is going to happen to him? How can a person cure your decease without even going nearer to the compound of a medical college? How can any body teach you or preach you how to be successful in life without studying anything on the subject what you are in? To sort out a problem in your business or profession will you consult your servant maid, gardener or driver? They may be excellent in their profession and their limitation is only that much. To solve your tax problem, you go to a Chartered Accountant because he is expert in that. You do not go to him when you get chest pain or even stomach pain, but only to a qualified medical practitioner. Similarly to your legal problem,  production problem, marketing problem,administrative problem,  psychological problem, family problem and for everything there are experts in the respective field. Then why do you need somebody to give you peace when everything is looked after by experts? How do you expect somebody who has not even completed his matriculation or school final to teach you to solve your income tax problem? If you feel that he is capable of solving that problem, it only shows that you have not thought over your problem properly to sort it out and so you become desperate to go to any body without even thinking whether he is qualified or not..

Believe in yourself ! That is what our literature is teaching. We claim to have read all these things, and still go to somebody else, saying that I am searching something. Why do you search for something which cannot be attained? Do not believe when some body says that many people obtained some thing superior than what you have obtained. The best quote in Tamil is "கண்டவர் விண்டிலர்: விண்டவர் கண்டிலர்." The truth is nobody found God and that is why they have not said it. Those who found God in themselves are the real founders. You do not need some body to guide you what you are, if you are intelligent enough to know that. So, to attain that intelligence is the search of life and you alone can do it.

The ultimate in life is that you should be happy and you alone can make yourself happy.

I will not be surprised after reading this, somebody writes to me "Swamiji ! Please guide me to find myself and the God in me !"


BHASKARAN19 said...

Superb, High time we ban/stop watching Samiyar Channels. Do you think people will change and belive in themself. No way just wait,it is a matter of time, another samiyar and another episode will come

Keep the good work going

Abhaswaram said...

Swami HariharaAnanda...

You speak well to jump into this field too... I am sure any ashram will easily take u as a speaker...

Good article...

Yogi ParamAnanda