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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My diary - 10th April 2010

Today the followers of my blog touched 100 numbers and it gave me lot of happiness and I realised it should not go to my Head but to my Shoulders. It took two years and I also realise that  I should give my readers quality stuff to relish and enjoy reading. 
Even though I started in February 2008, since I was a beginner in using computer , and my knowledge in computer was limited, I could not do better. Thanks to my son Arvind who is a software scientist in USA, who could hardly spare some time due to his busy schedule, but never hesitated to teach me  the nuances of posting the blog. I slowly learnt ( because of my age) and reached this stage. I will be failing in my duty if I forget to mention my adopted daughter Shrilaxmi, who coached me a lot, when I could not contact my son, however busy she was. She taught me lot of things in computer patiently, and if my blog is presentable today, all the credit should go to her.

I went to an institute at the age of 67 and learnt photoshop and sound forge which has helped me to post  nice photos and music files..

Ms. Srilatha Vijay  from London is still helping me to edit the concerts and Mr Yessel Narasimhan of Sangeethapriya org not only gave me lot of music files but also used to come to my house and help me whenever I used to have problems with my computer and taught me to use various gadgets.

Many friends and relatives (mainly Mr. Ramakrishna from Kuala lumpur, Mr. Seshadri Srinvasan, Mr. Susil kaushik, Mr.Sriram and Ms. Sivapriya krishnan, Mr. Bhaskaran etc.,) contributed a lot of articles and informations to enable me to post and make this blog interesting to read.

My son helped me to get google anlytics to my blog on 28th August 2008 and since then the page views as on date is 2,40,968 and new visitors are 94186 and return visitors are 146872. This blog is being viewed in 61 countries and 495 cities. This blog has got 6139 music files as on date and 646172 downloads has occurred. This blog has come to 394380 in traffic ranking from 5 lacs and odd about a year back and it is ranked as 77 in Indiblogger. ( Here, the more the score is better about the blog) 

I have already indicated my unfulfilled ambition of running a magazine, and I wanted to convert this blog as a magazine. Readers can contribute anything and if they are interesting and add knowledge to the readers, I will certainly include it. Any thing to create love among the fellow being, to foster good friendship, and service to the society will be appreciated.

Many readers have appreciated sincerely my efforts and they were the booster for my energy. Their kind words kindled my enthusiasm and induced me to strive to do the best. Many have contributed lot of music files and Mr. Parameswaran from Bombay is unforgettable,

If any name is omitted which deserves my gratitude, it is not intentional, and it is due to my grey cells losing the capacity of memory 

I know I am getting old, and my health is deteriorating and your kind words are inspiring me. I will try to do my best until my last breath with a confidence that some body from my readers will continue to keep this blog alive even after my death, 


BHASKARAN19 said...

Congratulations for hitting a Century in short span of time. If I am right the second half century came in less than 3 months compared to the first half. I am ardent follower of your Blog and I was just looking for you to hit century and that's exactly happened and it is no wonder since your blog has varieties to entertain all walks of life.
About your views on your age -It has no relevant. Age is only state of mind and just don't worry - you keep saying that you are only 67 years young and long way to go to entertain us. May God Give you a long, healthy and happy life.

Unknown said...


Until about a year ago I used to browse The Hindu first with my morning tea (coffee). But, for about a year now it is your blog every morning. I - and surely most of your readers - feel as if we know you for several decades. I have not even seen you. May be it is due to your style of writing and the topics you choose.
The satistics that you had mentioned may not reflect the no. of homes you have 'invaded' emotionally. Great job! Great commitment!
The Almighty will bless you with good health and peace of mind

Respectful Regards

Venkat said...

Thank you and good wishes sir.

vidya said...

I feel according to Hinduism, man's lifetime is for 116 years. You are quite young in that respect.

BHASKARAN19 said...

Well said, but I thought 120 years

All the best