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Friday, March 29, 2013

Concert - Alathur Brothers

Download 01_Chalamela.mp3
Download 02_EtulaBrotuvo.mp3
Download 04_EndukuNirdaya.mp3
Download 05_Aradayami.mp3
Download 06_MunnuRaavana.mp3
Download 07_ChakkaniRajaMargamu.mp3
Download 08_EmiTova.mp3
Download 09_RTP_Saveri.mp3
Download 10_Paniyinum.mp3
Download 11_Ninyaako.mp3
Download 12_SivanarManamKulira.mp3
Download 13_PittamTheliya.mp3
Download 14_Chandrasekaraa.mp3
Download 15_Mangalam.mp3

...that you are okay just the way you are...and so is
everybody else.

Sometimes we want the kind of acceptance that we
arenot willing to give. Yet life is a two-way street,
and we do so much better when we send to others
what we want them to send to us.

Just a gentle reminder today that you are wonderful,
and the person right next to you is, too!

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