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Monday, April 1, 2013

Concert - D. K. Pattammal

Download 01-Samininne-Varna-Saveri.mp3
Download 02-Janaki Ramana-Shuddaseemantini.mp3
Download 03-Shriranganatham Upasmahe.mp3
Download 04-Vinaradhana-Devagandhari.mp3
Download 05-Ikanaina-Pushpalatika.mp3
Download 06-Nanoru Vilayattu Bommeya-Behag.mp3
Download 07-Shrisatyanarayanam-Shubhapantuvarali.mp3
Download 08-Shri Jalandhara-Ganbhiranata.mp3
Download 09-Challare Ramayya-Ahiri.mp3
Download 10-Shri Venkatagirisha-Suruti.mp3
Download 11-Venkatesham-Todi.mp3
Download 12-R T P-Kharaharapriya.mp3
Download 13-Eppadipadinaro-Behag.mp3
Download 14-Shri Rangapuravihara-Brindavanasaranga.mp3
Download 15-Vallikanavan-Nadanamakriye.mp3
Download 16-Tillana.mp3
Download 17-Mangalam.mp3

...that you need to make a commitment, and once you
make it, then life will give you some answers.

 And making a commitment means more than saying "I'll try." It means
saying "I'm all in. I'm totally committed here. Even if
the going gets rough. In fact, especially then."

Someone once said, aging puts wrinkles on the body.
Quitting puts wrinkles on the soul.

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