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Friday, June 14, 2013

Concert No 357 - M.S. Subbulakshmi


Download 01-Vanajakshy-Kalyani.mp3
Download 02-Ramanannu-Harikambodi.mp3
Download 03-Darini-Sudda Saveri.mp3
Download 04-Birana Brova-Kalyani.mp3
Download 05-Sri Kamakoti-Saveri.mp3
Download 06-Gopanandana-Booshavali.mp3
Download 07-Ka Va Va-Varali.mp3
Download 08-Mansulonima-Hindolam.mp3
Download 09-Rangapura-Brindavanasaranga.mp3
Download 10-Bajore Bayya-Bajan.mp3
Download 11-Thukkadas.mp3
Download 12-Thukkadas.mp3

....that normal is not something to aspire to, it's something
to get away from.

Jody Foster said that, and she was right. Never settle
fornormal. Never. Normal is not natural. Extraordinary
is natural. Who do you think you are, anyway...?

What will you do today that is extraordinary? Plan it.
Think it through. And do it. All the angels in heaven
are waiting. And even if you 'fail', it will have been an
extraordinary effort. That qualifies as extraordinary.

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