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Friday, June 14, 2013

Concert No 358 - D.K.Pattammal and D.K. Jayaraman


Download 01-Sri Nathadhi-Mayamalavagowlai.mp3
Download 02-Sri Guruguha-Devakriya.mp3
Download 03-Visalakshim-Ramakriya.mp3
Download 04-Sarasadhala-Kamas.mp3
Download 05-Parvathi Pathim-Hamsadwani.mp3
Download 06-Sri Subramanyayo-Todi.mp3
Download 07-Kanchadalayadakshi-Kamala Manohari.mp3
Download 08-Saraswathi Manohari-Saraswathi Manohari.mp3
Download 09-Balagopala-Bhairavi.mp3
Download 10-Concluding Announcement.mp3

...that adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.

Horace said that, and he was right. During any time of
adversity ,' your genius will be revealed--as will that of all humankind.

We will find that there is another way to live other than 'dog eat
dog,' and another worthy goal other than 'bigger,
better, more.'

See this time, then, as a challenge to your ingenuity
and an invitation from life to rediscover what is truly
important: love, family, friends, and...the journey of
the soul.

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