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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Concert No 360 - Madurai mani Iyer

Download 01 Tatvamariya.mp3
Download 02 Khamboji.mp3
Download 03 Kaana Kann Kodi.mp3
Download 04 Ankaraka .mp3
Download 05 Yochana .mp3
Download 06 Sarasaksha .mp3
Download 07 Ka Va Va.mp3
Download 08 Sri Sukra.mp3
Download 09 Sarasa Sama.mp3
Download 10 Sadananda.mp3
Download 11 Eppovaru.mp3
Download 12 RTP - Kalyani.mp3
Download 13 Virutham.mp3

...that you best serve humanity by getting out of the
coffee shop and the bookstore and into the street.

The world awaits your contribution; your city, your
town, your neighbor, your friend awaits that help
from you that will make everything easier. There is
more that you can do than you know. Just get out
there and look for it.

Of course, you already know that life is not about
what comes to you, but what comes through you.
So now decide to make this the year that this idea
manifests itself at the highest level ever.

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