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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Concert No 362 - M. S. Subbulakshmi

Download 01-Era Na Pai-Todi.mp3
Download 02-Ninuvina-Navarasakanada.mp3
Download 03-Virana Brova-Kalyani.mp3
Download 04-Nagumomu-Abheri.mp3
Download 05-Brocheva-Kamas.mp3
Download 06-Janani-Reetigowla.mp3
Download 07-Sirai Arum-Shudha Saveri.mp3
Download 08-Raghuvamshasudha-Kadanakuthoohala.mp3
Download 09-Kalkiunte-Keervani.mp3
Download 10-Aadum Chidambaramo-Behag.mp3
Download 11-Echariga Rara-Yadukulakhamboji.mp3
Download 12-Vanattin Meedu-Mond.mp3
Download 13-Jagadodharana-Kapi.mp3
Download 14-Bhajorey Bhayya-Bhajan.mp3
Download 15-Tillana-Chenchuruti.mp3
Download 16-Manju Nihar-Kavadi Chinlu.mp3

...that when regret is sincere, an apology to another need
not be accepted.

Seek to speak purely from your heart. When you have
made a mistake, erred as all humans do, admit it, feel
your regret as your inner truth,share it with those who
matter in the incident, ask forgiveness, but do not require
it in order to move on in peace.

Another person's forgiveness is not what is needed.
Only your own. If the distress you caused was
unintentional, say you are sorry, then hold in a place of
love those who will not forgive you. It may be a larger
hurt they are healing.

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