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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sri Kamalaambaa Navaa varanam

Since many rasikas expressed their difficulty in downloading rapidshare, I have made these songs now available in MediaFire. Before downloading these songs read this link which is very intersting.

  1. Mahaganapathi - Gowla
  2. Sri Balasubramanyam - Surutti
  3. Kamalambike - Dhyaanam
  4. Kamalaambaa - First Avaaranam
  5. bajare - Second Avaranam
  6. Sri Kamalaambikaye - Third Avaranam
  7. - Fourth Avaranam
  8. Kamalambyah Paraminihire - Fifth Avaaranam
  9. - Sixth avaranam
  10. kamalambikayam - Seventh Avaranam
  11. Sri Kamalambika avava - Eighth Avaranam
  12. Sri Kamalamba Jayathi - Nineth Avaranam
  13. Kamalambike - Mangalam
Blogger Anil P said...
A most interesting collection of links you have here on your blog. I look forward to hearing the songs.
May 4, 2008 6:50 PM

    Monday, April 28, 2008

    Navagraha keerthanais

    Now I have posted them under mediaFire so that to remove the difficulties in downloading from rapidshare. I hope this will help you to download easily and hear the respective songs on the respective days.

    I do not know, how far this helps, but my wife sincerely hears these songs everyday, in this order. First the Navagraha sthothram and then the respective Graha's song on the respective day. She says she is adding Raahu and Kethu on the days attached with the Lord of the day according to her horoscope. For example, Raahu or Kethu is with Chandran in her horoscope she hears the respected song also on Monday. I do not know whether it gives any benefit, but I am finding her very happy and peaceful and does this systematically. If you believe, why don't you try, since this is in sanskrit and it can be heard by anybody irrespective of their mother tounge.

    Please post your experience and comments sthothram

  1. - Surya (Sunday) 

  2. Chandran (Monday)

  3. - Angaarakan ( Tuesday)

  4. - Bhudhan ( Wednesday)

  5. - Brahaspathi ( Thursday )

  6. Sukran ( Friday )

  7. Sani ( Saturday )

  8. - Raahu

  9. - Kethu
  10. Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Tamil New years day

    This is a mail recieved from a relative of mine. Quite interesting. I tried to get Mr. Karunanidhi's email id to forward to him but could not succeed. I thought of forwarding this to Ms. Kanimozhi, since she will not object to different opinion, but in vain. Have a look and give your opinion.

    யாராவது கருணாநிதிக்கு இதை forward செய்கவும்

    ஜானகிராமன் வாழ்க

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna ( Navamukhi Pallavi )

    I am posting this from the file of Sri K. B. Gopalan, ( Vijayagopal) since some of the rasikapriya members finding it difficult to download from rapidshare. You can simply click and hear this.

    Navamukhi Pallavi

    Since the original posting under imeem was not giving the full version to some people, I have also posted under mediafire and now you can download the full version by clicking below Navamuka pallavi

    Please post your comments and ratings as feed back to me.
    Blogger kvnagarajan said...
    This only plays a 30-second preview for me. I am unable to listen to the whole clip.
    April 25, 2008 11:19 AM

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Click on this to get a bigger image and read it

    Sunday, April 20, 2008


    1. Ice water is certainly not thirst quencher though it may provide relief during the summer months. During summer months pot water is the best.
    2. Jaggery, contrary to what many people think, is not devoid of calories. Though it does have micro nutrients, one must consume it judiciously, because calorie-wise itis as much as you'd find in refined sugar.
    3. Water melon is summer is soothing, refreshing fruit. You do not catch cold by eating it.
    4. Curd and Ice cream are perfectly alright to have it in any weather. If only one have allergic condition, it should be avoided.
    5. Lime with a dash of ice can really perk you up in a warm summer day. It is a fallacy that you catch a cold if you drink it.
    6. Pulses except chenna and rajma are okay to have even if you have loose motions. When you are having the runs, protein is important. Even plantain is good as it has soluble protein, which is an important binding agent.
    7. Tomotoes, guava, and fruits with seeds do not cause kidney or bladder stones. There is absolutely no scientific basis to this commonly held view.
    8. Cucumber is a wonderful summer vegetable. To say cucumber should be avoided in the summer months is not doing justice to this vegetable. It is also low in calories.
    9. It is important to remember there are no "hot" and "cold" foods according to any scientific classification.

    Inputs from Dharini krishnan Consultant Dietician
    Blogger Harisankar said...
    my brother had icecream at -6 degrees in cardiff and could not speak of sore throat for 2 weeks.
    June 7, 2011 12:47 AM

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    Is India Shining?

    Is India shining?

    I am writing this not against any religion. It is purely looked into from economic point of view.

    We had a funny situation in our country during this week. From1
    2thApril2008 to 20thApril 2008 consisting 9 days, major institutions like Banks, Government offices, many public sector units including Stock exchanges worked only for three days.

    This is because 12th and 13th being Saturday and Sunday, 14th Monday was Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday and hence it was a holiday. We worked only 15th, 16th ,17th and 18th was declared holiday due to Mahavir Jayanthi and 19th and 20th are again Saturday and Sunday.. Those experts in our Governments who talk about man days, have ever calculated how many man days we are losing on account of these liberal holidays?

    I visited at random about 10 bank branches, which may have average 10 employees and wanted to find out how many Muslims working in those branches. To my surprise there were none. (It may be a sweet news for persons like Mr. Sahabuddin, who are fighting that Muslims should be provided reservations in all institutions)

    According to Indian Government the total percentage of Muslim in India is in between 11% to 12%. There are many who claim that it is 13 to 14% Out of these, what will be the percentage of Muslims working in the public Institutions? According to a recently published report to government, called the Sachar Report, Muslims are heavily under-represented in different government and social areas. Among other facts, it found that in the state of West Bengal, where Muslims make up 27% of the population, their employment in the government sector was below 3%.

    The total number of Christians in India as per Census in 2001 is 24,080,016 or 2.34% of the population. The Jain population in India according to 2001 census is 4,225,053 out of the total population of India 1,028,610,328.

    Imagine! Giving the margin of increase in their population even as high as10%, you can easily arrive at their population as on date. Is that worth declaring holidays on the basis of religion?

    I am not telling that these minorities in our country should not celebrate their festival. Considering their strength in each office, they can be given paid holidays. Why 85% of Hindus should be asked to sit before their idiot boxes or go to cinema theaters or sleep at home on those days on which they have nothing to do?

    It is high time we started raising our voices in this man hour loosing issue. Even holidays like Krishna Jayanthi or Sivarathri which is not being celebrated by all Hindus are declared holidays. What are the Hindus doing on these days, that they cannot work?

    Most of the holidays declared as holidays are being celebrated only for few hours of the day. Who is going to bell the cat? This problem of excessive holidays should be looked into as loss of man days/power, than religious sentiments.

    Is not India shining

    IITians no longer prefer U.S. as job destination, says study Sandeep Joshi
    Instead they prefer India due to booming employment prospects
    NEW DELHI: India, with its booming economy and opportunities galore, is now becoming a preferred job destination among graduates from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), who now no longer prefer to go to the U.S. or other developed countries searching for jobs or higher studies.
    “It is well known that graduates from IIT, popularly known as IITians, have historically preferred to move to the U.S. or other countries to pursue higher studies and explore more attractive career opportunities. However, preferences have changed during the last few years,” says a recent study conducted by a leading global research and analytics’ firm, Evalueserve.
    Prepared after a survey of 677 IITians, the study points out that among IITians, who graduated between 1964 and 2001, 35 per cent moved to countries other than India, while 65 per cent preferred to stay back. However, among IITians who graduated in 2002 and later, only 16 per cent went abroad, while 84 per cent remained in India. “Recent graduates also believe India will be the most promising geography for IIT graduates in 10 years,” it says.
    According to the study, among IITians, who graduated during 1964 and 2001, 60 per cent believed that when they were graduating, the U.S. and other developed countries provided better opportunities, while the remaining said it was India which provided job prospects. However, among those who passed out of the IITs between 2002 and 2008, this number dropped to 51 per cent who believed that developed countries would provide them better opportunities.
    Interestingly, the point of “inflexion” arrives with the graduating class of 2002, where these changing trends became more pronounced. This correlates with the growth of India’s economy, the study points out. It also notes that better academic opportunity was the primary reason among IITians for choosing the U.S. over India.
    However, there were other reasons too that resulted in IITians not going to the U.S. — stringent visa norms after the 9/11 terrorist incident, high cost of living, limited scholarships, high tuition fees, and the perception of reduced employment opportunities and a poorer life in the U.S.—, the study says.
    While the reasons behind IITians preferring to stay back included their desire to be closer to their homes, culture, and family; limited number of “significantly attractive” job offers overseas; and substantial increase in job opportunities and improved standard of living in India; and significant entrepreneurial opportunities in India.
    Interestingly, when asked “10 years down the line, which geography do you think will hold the most promise for success?”, 72 per cent IITians chose India, with only 17 per cent opting for the US, 5 per cent for Europe and 2 per cent for China, the study adds.
    The Evalueserve study also points out that IITians are also expanding their career choices beyond the traditional engineering and technology opportunities.
    “There has been a noticeable shift towards consulting and financial services as well as continued interest in entrepreneurial aspirations. This shift is related to the buoyant Indian economy, a surging Indian stock market, and the increased earnings potential in these areas,” it adds.
    Hindu dated 19th April 2008

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    With love to my younger generation

    Women drinkers


    Alcohol, consumed even in small amounts, increases the risk of breast cancer and particularly estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor positive bread cancer, a new study shows. The findings expected to be presented Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Association for cancer research, in San Diego are followed by a second study that found an association between breast cancer risk and two genes involved in alcohol metabolism. In the study, a team led by Dr. Jasmine Lew of the U.S. National cancer institute followed more than 1,84,000 post menopausal women for an average of seven years. Those who had less than one drink a day had a 7 per cent increased risk of breast cancer compared to teetotalers, the team reported. Women who drink one to two drinks a day had a 32 per cent increased risk. “For years we’ve known that there’s an association between alcohol drinking and breast cancer risk, but nobody knows yet what the underlying biological mechanisms are” said Dr. Catalin Marian, lead author of the study.

    Exercise caution while sipping your next drink.

    extract from Chennai Times dated 17th April 2008

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Your feed back

    Those who heard the songs, posted latest by me through "straight Click and hear the song" method, please write to me, whether you are able to hear the songs without any break and full. Whether this is more convenient or you prefer rapidshare. The feed back will help me to change if necessary and make it more convenient to you.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    M. K. Thiagraja Bhagavathar

    Here are some songs from a man who was a "demigod" to lakhs of people in Tamilnadu, irrespective of caste, creed, financial status, educational qualification etc. Even now there are many who will stop their work to hear his songs. But my son when he was eight years old, said " he sings through nose" என்னப்பா, இவர மூக்காலெ பாடறார்?" ( hope none of MKT's fans are young enough to thrash him and he is also ten thousand miles away) Enjoy.

    1. Annaiyum Thandhaiyum
    2. Sathva gunabodhan
    3. Vallalai paadum vaayaal
    4. Suttum vizhi
    5. Manam kanindhe
    6. Maname nee
    7. Dhyaname nee
    8. Pavazha maal
    9. Bhoomiyil maanida
    10. Orunaal oru pozhudhaagilum
    11. Naattiya kalaiye
    12. Ambaa manam kanindhu
    13. Maraivaai pudhaiththa (this was my favourite)
    14. Gnaana kan
    15. Unai kandu
    16. Raajan maharaajan
    17. Manmadha leelayai (this song made thousands crazy)
    18. Krishna mukundha
    19. Soppanavaazhvil
    20. Maanida Jenmam
    Blogger Namperumal said...
    I want "UNGALILE YAAN ORUVAN" song from sivakavi film. How can i get... My mail id is

    PLease help
    November 7, 2009 at 3:12 PM
    Blogger hvaidya said...
    I do not have this song in my library. I will try to get it and send it. But I have my own doubt whether there is any song like that in Sivakavi. There is a song by name Ulaginile but not ungalile. However I will try it.
    November 10, 2009 at 7:45 PM
    Blogger BHASKARAN said...

    I too have checked (I have couple of LPs and a DVD. There is no song starting with Ungalie. I am a great fan of MKT the first Super Star of Tamil Film


    January 12, 2010 at 8:03 PM

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    K.J. Yesudoss

    For those who are in between carnatic classic and film music, some more melodies from Yesudoss that you will feel like hearing again and again.

    1. Ambalapuzhai.mp3
    2. Ashtami naal.mp3
    3. Akilam pugazhum.mp3
    4. Ambalam illadha.mp3
    5. Aabaranam.mp3
    6. Vinai theerkum.mp3
    7. Ambalam illadha.mp3
    8. Dhashinamurthiye-Chakravaham.mp3
    9. Gopala pahimam.mp3
    10. Oru pozhudhagilum.mp3
    11. Paarthasarathy.mp3
    12. Sri rajaraeswari-Poornachandrika.mp3
    13. Thiruvara Krishna.mp3
    14. Azhagar malaiyil.mp3
    15. Indranella.mp3
    16. Dhashinamurthiye-Chakravaham.mp3
    17. Kaanaka shree.mp3
    18. Kamalambike.mp3
    19. Mokshamu galadha-Saramathi.mp3
    20. Mookambigai thaye.mp3
    21. Nalla varangalai.mp3
    22. Neela peeli kavadi.mp3
    23. Nenendhu veda.mp3
    24. Niranjani.mp3
    25. Oru neramengilum.mp3
    26. Oru pozhudhagilum.mp3
    27. Paahipahi.mp3
    28. Poonjola raagam.mp3
    29. Prabhatha.mp3
    30. Pullankuzhal oodhum.mp3
    31. Saagarame.mp3
    32. Saarasamuka.mp3
    33. Saravanabavaguhane-Madhyamavathi.mp3
    34. Silaiye kai kondu.mp3
    35. Srimahadevo nama.mp3
    36. Yegimutham.mp3

    K.J. Yesudoss and others

    Here are some of K. J. Yesudoss's light music as well as carnatic songs in lighter mood with some more artists. Gana naayaka in thriveni is exceptional.


    1. Mookaambike.mp3
    2. Sri paarthasarathi.mp3
    3. Ethavunara-Kalyani.mp3
    4. Gajananam.mp3
    5. Pambaikaraiyil.mp3
    6. Saamajavara-Hindolam.mp3
    7. Gnanamu-Shativihamargini.mp3
    8. Pullin vaai-Kanada.mp3
    9. Yaamamuhurthathil.mp3
    10. Sri maha ganapathi.mp3
    11. Apakara ninthai-Hamsanandhi.mp3
    12. Gam gana nayagam.mp3
    13. Kaalaipozhidhinile.mp3
    14. Alai payudhe.mp3
    15. Arpudham ondru.mp3
    16. Saarasa mukha.mp3
    17. Vezha mugathu.mp3
    18. Gana nayaka-Triveni.mp3
    19. Devi nin roopam.mp3
    20. Sri maha ganapathi.mp3
    21. Thamarai malar thaye-Amrithavarshini.mp3
    22. Abhimaanamennadu-Gurjari.mp3
    23. Ananda natanam.mp3
    24. Sayandhiram.mp3
    25. Sri paartha.mp3
    26. Swami indhaya.mp3
    27. Unnal uranghi.mp3
    28. Ksheerasagara-Devagandhari.mp3
    29. Neelaraavil.mp3
    30. Sripathi-Naagaravali.mp3
    31. Pahimam sri rajarajeswari.mp3
    32. Pahimam sri rajarajeswari.mp3

    Monday, April 7, 2008

    An old story with a new twist

    A hat-seller who was passing by a forest decided to take a nap under
    one of the trees, so he left his whole basket of hats by the side.
    A few hours later, he woke up and realized that all his hats were gone.
    He looked up and to his surprise, the tree was full of monkeys and they had taken all
    his hats.

    The hat-seller sits down and thinks of how he can get the hats down.
    While thinking he started to scratch his head. The next moment, the monkeys were doing
    the same. Next, he took down his own hat, the monkeys did exactly the same. An
    idea came to him, he took his hat and threw it on the floor and the monkeys
    did that too. So he finally managed to get all his hats back.

    Fifty years later, his grandson, Laloo, also became a hat-seller and
    had heard this monkey story from his grandfather. One day, just like his
    grandfather, he passed by the same forest. It was very hot, and he took a nap under
    the same tree and left the hats on the floor.
    He woke up and realized that all his hats were taken by the monkeys on
    the tree. He remembered his grand father's words, started scratching his head and the monkeys followed. He took down his hat and fanned himself and again the monkeys followed. Now, very convinced of his grandfather's idea, Laloo threw his hat on the floor but to his
    surprise, the monkeys still held on to all the hats. Then one monkey climbed down
    the tree, grabbed the hat on the floor, gave him a slap and said.................

    "You think only you have a grandfather?"

    The market is dynamic and the strategy which works today may not work tomorrow, hence, the need of continuous innovations.
    Blogger Dad said...
    "The idea and Plan of Grand Father was really great and every green. The Grandson's following the idea is also virtually true; but there is a fault in the grandson's action. "He simply didn't throw his hat on the ground; instead he fanned with the hat and then threw. Naturally the monkeys realised the comfort by fanning with the hat to beat the heat. So the monkeys didn't throw the hats on the ground". With the changing generation and day to day, even hour to hour, changes in market one should act on his own (keeping good old ideas) before acting further. So the lesson of grand father is great; but the idea is to be conveniently used by the present generation to suit the present circumstances...this is also an ever green truth "change according to circumstances without leaving the great ideas".
    December 7, 2008 8:10 AM
    Blogger cvsmuthy said...
    I really like this 'tippani'.
    January 4, 2010 9:33 PM