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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Divine chants of Ganesha
  1. Maha Ganesh moola mantra and Ganesh Gaayathri 
  2. Ganapathi sthavaha 
  3. Ghanapathi Praarthana and Ghanapath 
  4. Shnkat Naashanam Ganesh sthothram 
  5. Ganesh Bhujangam 
  6. Ganapathi Atharvasheersa 
  7. Sri Mahaganesha Pancharatnam and Ganathipathi Panchakam 
  8. Ganesh Maala mantra 
  9. Sri Ganesha Stavarajaha
The image of Lord Ganesha who appears to be very rich, was sent by reader Ms. Hemalatha. When I said he appears to be rich, he winked at my joke. See the picture for a minute he will wink at you also.

I received complaints from readers that they are not able to down load Item No 4. I up loaded the same afresh. Please try now  

Blogger Hemalatha said...
Sir, Ms. Uma Mohan's Chants on Shiva are also very good. Regards
September 11, 2010 4:36 PM
Blogger VENKATARAMANI said...
Normally it is being told that in our mythology, God and Devas are not winking their eyes and their feet wont touch the ground. But this is special Ganapathy winking at us. Great Venkataramani K
November 25, 2010 8:34 PM

Amazing ! must see !!

Two German Brothers have put this TRAIN SET together.

DON'T FORGET to click on the link at the end and view this in motion.

This is the world's biggest train set.
Covers 1,150 square meters / 12,380 square feet…
Features almost six miles of track and is still not complete…

Twin brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun, 41, began work on the 'Miniature Wunderland' in 2000.

The set covers six regions including America , Switzerland , Scandinavia , Germany , and the Austrian Alps.

The American section features giant models of the Rocky Mountains, Everglades , Grand-Canyon etc…

...and Mount Rushmore.

The Swiss section has a mini-Matterhorn.

The Scandinavian part has a 4ft long passenger ship floating in a 'fjord' .

It is expected to be finished in 2014, when the train set would cover more than 1,800 square meters / (19,376 sq ft) and feature almost 13 miles of track, by which time detailed models of parts of France, Italy and the UK would have been added…
 It comprises 700 trains with more than 10,000 carriages and wagons.

 The longest train is 46ft long.
The scenery includes 900 signals, 2,800 buildings, 4,000 cars - many with illuminated headlights.. .
...and 160,000 individually designed figures.
Thousands of kilograms of steel and wood was used to construct the scenery...
 The 250,000 lights are rigged up to a system that mimics night and day by automatically turning them on and off.
The whole system is controlled from a massive high-tech nerve centre.

In total the set has taken 500,000 hours and more than 8 million euro to put together,
the vast majority of which has come from ticket sales.

Gerrit said: "Our idea was to build a world that men, women, and children can be equally astonished and amazed in."
Frederik added: "Whether gambling in Las Vegas, hiking in the Alps or paddling in Norwegian fjords - in Wunderland everything is possible."This 4-minute video is worth watching for this amazing stuff.

Please click this link for video view of the awesome creation


Please see that the children at your home see this, which will be a great motivating factor to them to aspire and achieve.

My diary - 8th Septemeber 2010

paintings on the rock

The song "Sree raama paadhama" in Amruthavauhini raagam in Concert No 116 of D.K. Pattammal is re uploaded afresh since many were complaining that the file was not opening. All those who missed it may go ahead and download now.

Blogger Hemalatha said...
Sir, The problem still persists. Regards
September 11, 2010 4:44 PM
Blogger hvaidya said...
I up loaded this song twice and tried for the third time. the same problem is coming. I have sent a complaint to mediafire as follows:

I have up loaded 19 files in my folder Concert 118 - D.K. Pattammal - Toronto. but the file No 03 - Nee sreeraama padhama even though properly up loaded and have an URL, when trying to download the message " No servers are currently online with the requested file on it. (-22) " is appearing. I up loaded the same file three times, and every time it happens so. Bu the file is working well in my hard disc. It is a music file and I am able to hear the song.

Please let me know what could be done to restore the file and help me.

V. Hariharan
September 11, 2010 7:57 PM