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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Annamaya - Hari sangeerthaarchana

Mohini Avathaaram

  1. Seve bhave 
  2. Vishnudevu padamule 
  3. Vedekeda Ninu 
  4. Nannu ninu 
  5. Parama vaishnavula 
  6. Sankeerthana Lakshanamu 
  7. Kaikonavayaa 
  8. San lakshanamu 
  9. Vedamu dheerchadu 
  10. Anantan adputa 
  11. Maanupa vaasama 
  12. Mariyu mariyu

Blogger r b subramanian said...

Dear Hariharan Sir,

Pranaams. In the upload 'Hari Sangeetha Archana - Annamayya Kritis, item No.12 is repeat of item No.11. Can you please check it up?


December 11, 2011 5:35 AM

Blogger hvaidya said...

Thank you Mr. RbS for pointing out the error. I have correcteed it
December 11, 2011 9:10 AM

Vidhya Bhushan - 17

Additional song to concert No 161 - Abhishek Raghuram

I have now uploaded a song which was erroneously omitted in this concert. (Song NO 3)

Concert - G. N. Balasubramanyan

..that no effort is ever wasted, although some pay
dividends later than you think.

Do not imagine that you "wasted your time" because
something didn't turn out right. There is no such thing
as "waste" in the Universe. Everything -- everything --
yields benefit.

It's true. And your life will show you this. So don't
decry the "effort that failed." All things lead to your
highest good. You just may not know it yet.