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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Concert - Sikkil Gurucharan

This was a concert when Sikkil Gurucharan was a rising star. There are at least about 200 rasikas at Madras who made it a point to attend all his concerts, irrespective of the area of his concert. They enjoyed his concerts and appreciated by clapping to every song as much as possible. HE BECAME VERY POPULAR IN SHORT TIME. This concert was at RK mutt school, where he studied (6th November 2007). The students in great number turned out, appreciated and enjoyed his concert. See their enthusiasm when he was singing "Vaanaththin meedhu", all the students clapping in unison without disturbing the song. I do not know whether he remembers those days now, we fans carry those pleasant memories.

  1. Varnam - Vanajakshi - Kalyaani 
  2. maadha enum - Sriranjani 
  3. Anbu konde - Aarabhi 
  4. Paraloka - Mandari  
  5. Aalaapanai - Natakapriya 
  6. Violin 
  7. Geedha vaadhya - Natakapriya 
  8. Kanchadhalaaya - Kamala Manohari 
  9. Brovavamma - Neelaambari 
  10. Aalapanai - Shanmugapriya
  11. Violin  
  12. Ekaamabaresa Naayaki - Shanmugapriya 
  13. Thani 
  14. Viruththam in Desh,Varali and Jothiswaroopini fwd by Jagatjanani in Kalyaani 
  15. Nenjukku needhi - Sindhubairavi 
  16. Vaanaththin meedhu - Maand 
  17. Mangalam