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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Concert - Aruna Sairam - 3

  1. Ongi ulagalanda - Aarabhi 
  2. Bantureeti - Hamsanaadham  
  3. Aalaapana - Reethigowla  
  4. Bale balendhu - Reethgowla  
  5. Viruttham by Pattinaththar fwd by Aalaavadhennalo - Paras (Names of 63 Nayanmars) 
  6. Aalaapana - Kalyaani  
  7. Vaasudhevaayani - Kalyaani  
  8. Slokam fwd by Yehi Annapoorani - Punnagavaraali 
  9. Saravana bhava - Pasupathipriya 
  10. AAlaapana - Karaharapriya  
  11. Srinivasa Dhava charanam - Karaharapriya 
  12. Thani Aavarthana 
  13. Iko namma swami - Manirangu  
  14. Orumurai Enakkena - Hindholam  
  15. Kadakadani - Basant 
  16. Maadu meikkum - Senchurutti 
  17. Maname kanamum - Aabheri  
  18. Viruththam fwd by Thillaana - Gambeeranaattai

An autobiography of a middle class man - 12

One reader of my blog with a name "Aalayam Thozhuvon" has sent me the links of my village Pavattakkudi  Sivan temple. I think he is doing doing services of renovating temples which are in dilapited conditions. He has not given any details about himself but simply stated that he visited Pavattakkudi and Thalaiyur. I am posting these photos here, so that many like me, who have no connection with Pavattakkudi may see and have mixed feelings of sorrow and happy..

( He has since identified himself as Kumbakonam Lakshminarayan.He has further furnished the following information. "Thank u HariSir, for quick response! The LINGAMSWAMI is in your mother's village[THALAIYUR],on the southurnside of agraharam,Sorry to say, it is still in the open area, i took the fotos only 2 days back, if u have any contacts there, please help us, at least to put a shed there, thanks.
If u need more in formation pl. contact me,
9443714218,THANKING U ONCE AGAIN " )
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