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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Concert - T. S. Kalyanaraman

Download 01_shivatraya_nATa_swarna_venkatesa_dikshit.mp3
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Download 03_vAsudEvayani_veDalina_kalyANi_tyAgarAja.mp3
Download 04_jananI_ninnuvinA_rItigauLa_subbarAya_shAstri.mp3
Download 05_manavi_nAlakinca_rAdaTE_naLinakAnti_tyAgarAja.mp3
Download 06_yArO_ivar_yArO_bhairavi_aruNAcala_kavi.mp3
Download 07_rAgam_tAnam_pallavi_mAND.mp3
Download 08_aaj_aye_mishra_pahadi_composer.mp3
Download 09_annayum_raga_composer.mp3
Download 10_krishna_mukunda_raga_composer.mp3
Download 11_karpakamE_kaDaikkaN_madhyamAvati_pApanAsam_sivan.mp3
Download 12_thullumada_hamsAnandi_tirupugaz_arunagirinadar.mp3
Download 13_nI_nAma_rUpamulaku_nitya_saurAshtram_tyAgarAja.mp3

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Hats off to you Sachin !

This photo is the one when Sachin hit his 1st century
Sachin Tendulkar saved the Old Trafford Test for India in 1990 with an unbeaten 119 in the final innings. At 17 years and 112 days, he was only a month older than Mushtaq Mohammad was when he had become Test cricket's youngest centurion. Wisden noted: "He looked the embodiment of India's famous opener, Gavaskar, and indeed was wearing a pair of his pads."

Below is the photo when he completed his 50th century. If you want to see the photos of his each century, with comments please click this LINK
Blogger Hemalatha said...
Dear Sir, Thanks for your immediate post on Sachin's landmark and providing the link covering his journey to today's achievement. Regards
December 19, 2010 10:53 PM