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Monday, March 21, 2011

My diary 21st March 2011
There were some files left, under the label "THIRUPPAAVAI" - Velukudi Krishnan. I have added those files numbering 88 to 94. I am sorry for the omission.

Mr. Naveen Kumar was requesting for the Cine song "Kaaththiruppaan kamala kannan" from the film "Uthamaputhiran" rendered by P.Leela. I have uploaded the same under the label "Cine song" with the date of uploading. I will be adding some more songs here every now and then with the date of uploading to enable you to locate them as not downloaded and download now. So, I request you to check up here every now and then for fresh songs.

There are some reports from readers about some missing files. I am trying to locate those missing files and re upload.  Some times , it may take longer time. Readers are requested to bear with me.

Of course, I may be more prompt, once the world cup is over. It does disturb my concentration and my time for blog. Hope you will pardon me.
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