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Thursday, January 7, 2010

K. L. Saigal

How M.K.T for Tamilnadu, Saigal was for North India. After hearing his songs, if you want to know more about him , Please read this ( click here) LINK. Since some of the readers wanted his songs, I have posted them here

  1. Aaye dil e bequerar 
  2. Bhajoon main  
  3. avsar bee jaate  
  4. Mein kyaa jaano  
  5. Din lekhi beethe 
  6. Prem ka hai  
  7. Nishidhim barsaath 
  8. Raadhe raani 
  9. Raadhe raani 
  10. Nuktacheen 
  11. Jo beet chuki so 
  12. Lak gayi chod 
  13. Jeevan been madhura 
  14. Lakh sahi abhi peeke 
  15. Laakshahi piki 
  16. Yeh taharuff  
  17. Prem nagar mein 
  18. Rhuma jhuma 
  19. Main bhaithi theem 
  20. Prem nagar mein 
  21. hun jholiyom ki theem 
  22. Tadpath beete din 
  23. Baalam aaye 
  24. Shumo shumo ay 
  25. Dhuk se ab din 
  26. Kaun bhjabe ram 
  27. Dilse theri nigaayan 
  28. Hat gayee tho 
  29. Dhiwaana hoom dhiwaana 
  30. Hairat e nazar 
  31. Datta yeh kaisa 
  32. Koi preet ki reeth 
  33. Dhiya jisne dhil 
  34. Jo naukri dhil se  
  35. Janam janam ka 
  36. Oh Dhi rooba 
  37. Jagat mein prem 
  38. Piyaa jaa 
  39. Jo beet sake 
  40. Bungla bane 
  41. Bungla bane