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Sunday, February 17, 2008

M. S. Subbalakshmi - 2

It is very sad that greats like M. S. Subbalakshmi did not live in this modern world with so much of technology, so that we could have recorded her every breath.

  1. Paalinchu kaamakshi - Madhyamavathi - Shyaama saastri
  2. Naaneka badavanu - Behaag - Purandaradasa
  3. Kanakasaila - Punnaagavaraali - Shyaama saastri
  4. Sri venkatesa suprabhaatham
  5. Swara raaga - Sankarabharanam - Thiyaagaraja
  6. Aiyndhu karaththaanai - Thirumoolar
  7. Bhaavayaami - Raagamalika - Swaathithirunaal
  8. Bhajagovindam
  9. Payyadha - Naadhanaamakriya - Kshetragnar
  10. Vadavarayai - Raagamaalika - Elango adigal
  11. Naa naatti brathuku Revathi - Annamacharya
  12. Pibare raamarasam - Yamankalyani - Sadasiva brahmendrar
  13. Sarojadhala netri - Sankarabaranam - Shyaamaa saastri
  14. Sri Rangapura vihaara - Brindhavana saranga - Dheekshiter
  15. Hariharaputhram - Vasantha - Dheekshiter
  16. Raamachandrena - Maand - Dheekshiter
  17. Sambo mahaadheva - Revathi
  18. Sarasaaksha - Panthuvaraali - Swaathi thirunaal
  19. Sri varalakshmi - Sri - Dheekshiter
  20. Kandu kandu
  21. Thillaanaa - Jonpuri
  22. Veenaberi - Aabheri - Dheekshiter
  23. Ikanaina - Pushpalathika - Thirupathi Narayanaswamy
  24. Kaarubaaru
  25. Petra thaaidhanai - Naadhanaamakriya
  26. Yenakkun iru padham - Raagamalika - Arunachalakavi
  27. Hey govindhaa - Bhajan - Indradevi
  28. Jagadhodhaarana - Kaapi - Purandaradasa
  29. Kuththagaiyaai
  30. Arul purivaai Hamsadhwani - Sudhdhaananda bharathi
  31. Raa raa chinnannaa - Jonpuri - Annamacharya
  32. Soga sugaa - Sriranjani
  33. Maa dhayai - Vasantha - Paapanaasam sivan
  34. Ksheeraabdhi kanyaku - Kurinji - Annamacharya
  35. Yennagaanu raama - Panthuvaraali - Bhadrachala Raamdhaas
  36. Saraguna paalimpa - Kedhaaragowla - Raamnad Srinivasa Iyer
  37. Dhavamum paliththadhammaa - Raagamaalika - Kalki
  38. Dheiva thamizh naatinile - Raagamalika - Kalki
Anonymous Anonymous said...
hi, sogasuga song is not full.. could you please upload the full song. thanks.
August 16, 2008 3:06 AM
Anonymous Mahalakshmi said...
Sir, I have heard that MS Amma also has sung Venkatachala Nilayam. I searched 4 this everywhere. but was helpless. So I humbly request u to upload it. Thanks in advance..
September 21, 2010 1:33 PM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Dear Ms. Mahalakshmi,

I do not have Venkatachala Nilayam in her individual songs files from which I uploaded these songs. I have lot of concerts of M.S.S to be uploaded. Perhaps this may be available there. Please be on the look out for her concerts. If you have no objection to furnish your mail id personally to my mail, I will save it and I can intimate you personally when I upload it.
September 21, 2010 3:42 PM

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