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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Concert - Panthularama

Download 01- Intha modi - Saranga - Tyagaraja.mp3
Download 02- Gajananayudam-Chakravaham - Dikshitar.mp3
Download 03 - Anaadhudanu ganu - Jingala- Tyagaraja.mp3
Download 04- Sudha Mayee - Amirthavarshini - Muthaiah Bhagavathar.mp3
Download 05- Chakkani Raja-Karaharapriya - Tyagaraja.mp3
Download 06- Thani.mp3
Download 07- Manasa sancharare - Saama - Sadasiva Brahmendra.mp3
Download 08- Ramachandra Prabhu Raghu Vamsa Rama - Bhajan.mp3
Download 09- Thillana - Paras.mp3


  ...that life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds
and words return to us sooner or later with astounding

Florence Scovel Shinn said that, and she was right. So
before you think, do, or say anything -- imagine what it
would be like to receive what you are sending.

Then, go one step further. Decide ahead of time what
you would like to receive...and then send it. Quite
deliberately. That is, give to, or cause in the life of,
another what you would like to now experience. the magic.

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February 26, 2012 10:56 AM

Art sans brush in snow

 Narayan said...
February 26, 2012 10:57 AM

Ippadiyum oru friend thevai machchaan


Concert - G.N. Balasubramanian

  1. Evari bodhana - Abhogi
  2. Saptaswara - Jaganmohini 
  3. Aalaapana - Panthuvarali
  4. Parpaalaya - Panthuvarali
  5. Aalaapana - Begada
  6. Kalayami Raguraamam - 1
  7. Kalyaami - 2 
  8. Aalaapanaa - Saaveri 
  9. Karikalaaba mukham
  10. Aalaapana - Sudhdhsaveri
  11. Dharini telusukonti -1 
  12. Dharini telusukonti - 2 
  13. Thani 
  14. Yagnayadulu 
  15. Vara raagalaya - Chenchu kambodhi
  16. Vararagalaya - contd
  17. Raagam - Kalyaani
  18. Thaanam 
  19. Pallavi - Un dharisanam kidaikkumo
  20. Thani 
  21. Sapasya Kausalya 
. ...that nothing good is ever created by deception.

Not even the smallest untruth, not even the most
well-intended "white lie," will produce benefit in the
long run. So tell your truth as soon as you know it.

Yes, yes, I know...."But then...but then..." So you'll
have to decide which of the "But then's" you want.
There will always be a "But then." Yet shall it be one
you endure, or one you create?

If it's control you want, telling the truth puts you in
total control. Ever think of that?