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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mr. Karunanidhi should resign instead of going on fast

“Instead of fighting for the rule of law, lawyers have started breaking the law. The whole profession is at stake,” former law minister Shanti Bhushan said in Delhi.

Perhaps, in th History of Chennai Courts after Independence, this is the first time, that all the courts in Tamilnadu and Pudhucheri were closed on Friday and will be closed until 24th, other than public holidays or on account of a leader(?)"s death.

The reason because, the situation is uncontollable. Really, it is a question, whether law and order situation in the state is so bad, that neither the Government, nor the High Court is in a position to make the courts function, because, those who are responsible to guard the Law and those who are supposed to maintain order have taken the law into their hands.

To be frank, few lawyers had taken the state for a ride, knowing pretty well that their strike for Sri Lankan Tamils cause is not going to yield any result. They may say that they want to express their feeling for the cause of Tamils. Yes. They have every right to express their feelings in a democratic country. But, is, not allowing the courts to function, the only way to express their feelings?

What is the total strength of the lawyers in Tamilnadu? What is the percentage of lawyers who are indulging in strike? If the Government gives protection, how many lawyers will absent themselves from the work?

Who is responsible for this deterioration of decency among lawyers? From the incident of what happened in Law college compound, we have already seen what is the standard of lawyers in Tamilnadu is going to be. We can conclude that the present standard of lawyers is no way inferior, from the incidents that the striking lawyers entering the court halls. Nowhere in India, or in the world, the striking persons enter, the functioning office. Either they absent themselves, or demonstrate outside the office building but never enter inside the premises. Even, when uneducated labourers strike work, they do not act like this.

It is certainly the responsibilty of the Government, to prevent any untoward incidents in any strike. For having not prevented the ugly incident in the courts, Mr. Karunanidhi should resign instead of going on fast.

It is a pity, that younger generation of India have become incapacited enough to take any thing as "chalta hai" irrespective of the matters being small or serious.