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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sri Kamalaambaa Navaa varanam

Since many rasikas expressed their difficulty in downloading rapidshare, I have made these songs now available in MediaFire. Before downloading these songs read this link which is very intersting.

  1. Mahaganapathi - Gowla
  2. Sri Balasubramanyam - Surutti
  3. Kamalambike - Dhyaanam
  4. Kamalaambaa - First Avaaranam
  5. bajare - Second Avaranam
  6. Sri Kamalaambikaye - Third Avaranam
  7. - Fourth Avaranam
  8. Kamalambyah Paraminihire - Fifth Avaaranam
  9. - Sixth avaranam
  10. kamalambikayam - Seventh Avaranam
  11. Sri Kamalambika avava - Eighth Avaranam
  12. Sri Kamalamba Jayathi - Nineth Avaranam
  13. Kamalambike - Mangalam
Blogger Anil P said...
A most interesting collection of links you have here on your blog. I look forward to hearing the songs.
May 4, 2008 6:50 PM