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Monday, December 5, 2011

Annamaya - Hari sankeerthana vratham

                                                              Hanumantha vaahana seva

  1. Atheni paadadenu 
  2. Antharangamella 
  3. Ithanikantameri 
  4. Yagnamurthy 
  5. Naarayana achyutha 
  6. Yentha nerupari 
  7. Ithasnikante gasnu 
  8. Aadharamma 
  9. Thiruvedilegeeni 
  10. Neevi dhevuduvu

Music season 2011

Music season 2011 started with hundreds of rasikas returning disappointed without getting tickets at Music Academy. People came as early as 3.15 A.M to Music academy to get tickets and only few were lucky to get season tickets. It appears that leading sabhas have decided to minimise the season tickets sales to enable them to make more money by selling daily tickets. Narada Gana sabha didi not sell season tickets to outsiders other than members at all.

I started attending the concerts, and so I am not able to find time to post the blog along with various other pressing activities also. Readers should bear with me and I will still try to do my best.

Ms. Gaayathri Venkatraghavan appears to be in great form. I feel she is the one who may make us to forget M.S. Subbalakshmi in course of time. The way in which she select the songs, construction of concert, presentation etc reminds me M.S. Subbalakshmi.

One small advice  I will like to give to Sri. T. M. Krishna. Do not accept programmes next to Abhishek Raghuram's concert. I could not enjoy his programme as much as i used to, when I heard him after Abhishek's concert at Kartik Fine Arts even though he was at his best. Please do not miss Abhishek Raghuram's concerts. His innovations are stunning.

Mr. T.M. Krishna is famous for breaking conventions. He started his concert at Kartik Fine arts with "Mukhari"

As usual Sri T. N. Seshagopalan was at his besssssst in Brahma Gana Sabha. He sang very soft and melodiously and made us to forget all the other things. The pity was not even 300 rasikas were present. They say all the Rs. 4000 and 8000 tickets are sold. But hardly few of them were there and the front rows were empty.

Please bear with me, if there are irregular postings this month.