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Friday, October 23, 2009

My diary 23rd October 2009

I have added today two more songs to "Carnatic raagas - Balahamsa" and "Bindhumalini" contributed by one of my readers Ms. Latha. I am very happy to note that many readers are actively participating in improving this blog quantity wise as well as quality wise. Thanks to you all who help me by adding, correcting, suggesting, contributing and most importantly encouraging. In the process this is becoming your blog instead of my blog or I will be happy if this becomes Our blog.

I have added some more songs to the label "Muthuswamy Dhikshiter" today with @ mark at the end of those songs. In the process, I am not able to mention certain songs with correct raagas as well as the specific singers, authentically, since I am not 100% sure. So, I left those portions blank. My aim is to collect, if possible, all Dhikshitar krithis under this one label, so that students as well as Rasikas will benefit. Readers are requested to suggest the corrections wherever it is lacking. But be sure, you are 100% correct before suggesting to me, so that we should not misguide the future generation.

Many earlier songs which are uploaded under "Rapidshare" which have expired, due to 90 days without downloads, are misguiding certain readers. I request readers not to go for any songs other than under "mediafire" and "imeem". I am uploading all of them under mediafire
and it takes time to attend to them, with the new postings. Readers are requested to bear with me and my efforts are there to remove those expired files and to replace them is going on.

Wishing you all "all the best in the world."