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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Go not to the temple

Concert - Maali (Flute)

The supreme Brahman, Lord Sri Krishna and The Flute are synonymous...
It is said that the very essence of Omkaram flows out of his flute when he plays the flute. So whenever I see the flute I see the supreme lord in it. Playing flute is my puja, my prayer. We the students of Sri Krishnaa are all so blessed that we are able to play this divine instrument. I found a nice story...that might inspire all of us...Once, when a number of people were asked by Sai Baba what they would like to be in the hands of God, he got various answers: some said the Lotus, some the Shankha (Conch), some the Chakra (Discus) but no one mentioned the Murali (Flute). He advised them to become the Flute, for then the Lord will come to us, pick us up, put us to His lips and breathe through us and, out of the hollowness of our heart due to the utter absence of egoism that we have developed, He will create captivating music for all Creation to enjoy.. Inhale only the breath of God. Isn’t this feeling wonderful?

The Legacy
Carnatic flute was used to accompany the vocal concert & in late 90s it became s solo instrument
Many artistes like Sharabharsahthri …were the pioneers to give it a new status. Palladam Sanjeeva Rao & Sharabha Shastry were the foremost pioneers who brought the flute to the center stage as a solo instrument. Before their has been described in Natya Darpana that flute was used to accompany dance performances & also vocal concerts.
The greatness of the carnatci flute is that even hindhusthani ragas can be played on carnatic flute but the vise versa cannot happen.
Ragas like thodi , bhairavi , varali , anadabhairavi cannot be played on a six holed hindhusthani flute.

Krishna’s leacacy got continued & was passed on to great flute players
written by V.K. Raman

  1. Endhuku - Sankarabaranam 
  2. Ennadu - Balahamsa 
  3. Sree raama paadhama - Amruthavauhini 
  4. Anudhinamu - Begadaa  
  5. Dhaarini - Sudhdhasaaveri 
  6. Ela avathaara - Mukhaari 
  7. Paramaathmudu - Vaagadeeswari 
  8. RTP - Jhonpuri  
  9. Sakhi prana - Senchurutti 
  10. Themmaangu  
  11. Chinnanchiru - Kaapi - Raagamalika