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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mehdi Hassan Ghazals - 15

Concert - M. S. Sheela

Download 01_chalamEla_varNa_darbAr_Adhi_tiruvoTTiUr_thyAgayya.mp3
Download 02_SrI_shankara_guruvaram_nAgaswarAvaLi_rUpaka_mahAvaidyanAtha_iyer.mp3
Download 03_mArubalka_kuna_vEmira_mA_manOramanNa_shrIranjani_Adhi_tyAgarAja.mp3
Download 04_aTukArAdani_manOranjani_Adhi_thyAgarAja.mp3
Download 05-marivERE-laTAngi-khanda-chApu-patNam_subrahmaNya_iyer.mp3
Download 06-rAma_ninnE_nammmi_nAnu-husEni-Adhi-thyAgarAja.mp3
Download 07-nagumOmu-ganalEni_AbhEri_Adi_thyAgarAja.mp3
Download 08_tODi_AlApane.mp3
Download 09_kaddAnu-vAriki-tODi-Adi_thyAgarAja.mp3
Download 10_tani.mp3
Download 11-sAramaina-jAvaLi_bEhAg-rUpaka_swAti_tirunAl.mp3
Download 12_nindati_charaNam_ashtapadhi_hamsAnandi_jayadEva.mp3
Download 13_rAma_rAma_rAma_sItA_rAma_ennirO-_tillAng_purandhara_dhAsa.mp3
Download 14_hare_venkatEsha_vallabha_poreyabEku_enna_sindhubhairavi.mp3
Download 15_nI_nAma_rUpamulaku_mangaLa_sourAshtra_Adhi_thyAgarAja.mp3

.....that the most dramatic conflicts are perhaps, those
that take place not between men but between a man
and himself.

Author Mark Moustakas said that, and he was right.
If we can win the struggle within -- the struggle that
Muslims call jihad -- we can win this human race.

What are you battling with right now? What unwanted
habit? What undesireable behavior? What old pattern?
Claim victory over these, and your entire life can change.

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Dear Sri Hariharan,

In the upload 285-M S Sheela-item No.12 appears to have some virus problem. I tried 3 different tool bars and all of them blocked the downloading of that particular file.
Please check it up


January 18, 2012 12:01 AM

Blogger hvaidya said...

Dear Mr. RBS,

It is opening and downloading. Please try again and let me know
January 18, 2012 9:32 PM