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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My diary - 20th Septemeber 2009

I have posted 24 new songs to my label Muthuswamy Dhikshitar. Readers may look for * mark to find out the new songs and may download. My ambition is to post all his krithis in this blog and there are many helping me to achieve this. While, I thank all those who contribute the krithis I do not have, I request every reader who is interested in his krithis may send me the links if any, of those krithis which are not available here. The response to this particular label is overwhelming, and I am glad to note that so many people who are interested in hearing his krithis and learning them. All most all the songs are so far downloaded by more than 60 persons and some songs are downloaded by more than 80 persons and it is still going on.

You will get the meaning for his krithis from "" which is being posted by my wife. Readers are requested to go to this blog also and try to understand the depth of Dhikshitar krithis to understand the meaning and also mainly for correct pronunciation. The blog is being updated and we are also trying to give a face lift to its appearance and clear visibility for readers to have the best convenience. Please post your feed back also.

I am also glad to inform you that I am associated with "Gaanapriya foundation" at Chennai which is periodically conducting Lecture demonstration of Dhikshitar krithis, giving the meaning of each line with correct pronunciation and how they should be properly rendered without distorting the meaning of the words. Prof. R. Veezhinaathan, the great Sanskrit scholar , who was closely associated with "Mahaa periyavaal" is doing this without any remuneration for the benefit of Dhikshitar rasikas. These Lecture demonstrations are uploaded in audio/video format in www. also. I appeal to all those who are in around Chennai, particularly the youngsters who are learning carnatic music to attend these lecture demonstration without fail and also spread this news to as many people as possible. The next Lecture demonstration on "Dhevi" is on 28th Septemeber at 7.00 P.M at Srinivasa Gandhi nilayam, New No 332, Ambujammal street off T.TK Road ( Near Post office). Your son or daughter, or your friends or relatives, who learn carnatic music must attend this Lecture demonstration without fail and you see that you spread this word, whomever you know.

Thanking you all once again for your kind words and encouragements you give to me and to my work through this blog. Wish you all, the best in the world.