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Saturday, December 18, 2010


  1. Siva puranam  
  2. Keerthi thiru agaval 
  3. Thiru Aanda pagudhi 
  4. Potri thiru agaval  
  5. Thiru sadhagam Mei unarndhaal 
  6. Thiru sathagam arivuruthal 
  7. Thiru sathagam Chuttaruthal 
  8. Thiru sathagam Aathmasudhdhi 
  9. Thiru sathagam Kaimmaaru koduthal 
  10. Thiru sathagam Anuboga suthi 
  11. Thirusathagam Karuneeyathu 
  12. Thiru sathagam Anandhathu Azhundhal 
  13. Thiru sathagam Aanandha paravasam 
  14. Thiru sadhagam Aanadha deepam 
  15. Neeththal vinnappam 
  16. Thiruvenbaavai 
  17. Thiru ammanai  
  18. Thirupporsunnam 
  19. Thirukkothumbi 
  20. Thiruthellenam 
  21. Thruchazhal 
  22. Thiruppovalli  
  23. Thiru undhiyar  
  24. Thiru thulnokkam  
  25. Thirupponnoosal 
  26. Annai paththu 
  27. Kuyil paththu 
  28. Thiruthasangam
  29. Thiruppalli ezhuchi 
  30. Koil mootha thirupadhigam 
  31. Koil thiruppadhigam 
  32. Sethila paththu  
  33. Adaikala paththu  
  34. Aasai paththu  
  35. Adhisaya paththu 
  36. Punarchi paththu 
  37. Vaazha paththu 
  38. Arut paththu  
  39. Thirukazhukundra padhigam 
  40. Kanda paththu  
  41. Praarthanai paththu  
  42. Kuzhaitha paththu  
  43. Uyurunni paththu 
  44. Acha paththu  
  45. Thiru pandi padhigam 
  46. Pididtha paththu 
  47. Thiruvesaruvu  
  48. Thiru pulambal 
  49. Kulap paththu 
  50. Arpudha paththu 
  51. Chenni paththu 
  52. Thiru vaarthai 
  53. Enna pathigam 
  54. Yaathirai paththu 
  55. Thiru padai ezhuchi 
  56. Thiru venbaa  
  57. Pandaya nanmarai  
  58. Thirupadaiyaatchi 
  59. Aanadha maalai 
  60. Achcho padhigam
The lyrics in English version is available in this LINK
The lyrics in Tamil version is available in this LINK
Blogger Hemalatha said...
Dear Sir, Unable to keep pace with your uploads. If you are uploading so many articles, when will we download - when will we listen - when will go to office ? Great Uploads and a Greater Heart which shares. Hats Off ! Thanks and Regards.
December 19, 2010 10:46 PM

    Ram and Ram sethu : A Hilarious story 
    Lord RAM surveyed the Ram Sethu and said "Hanuman, how diligently and strenuously you and your vanara sena had built this bridge several centuries back. It is remarkable that it has withstood the ravages of the climatic and geographical changes over centuries. It is indeed an amazing feat especially considering the fact that a bridge at Hyderabad built by Gammon using latest technology collapsed the other day even before they could stick the posters on its pillars."

    Hanuman with all humility spoke "Jai Sri Ram, it is all because of your grace. We just scribbled your name on the bricks and threw them in the sea and they held. No steel from TISCO or cement from Ambuja or ACC was ever used. But Lord, why rake up the old issue now."

    Ram spoke "Well, Hanuman some people down there want to demolish the bridge and construct a canal. The contract involves lot of money and lot of money will be made. They will make money on demolition and make more money on construction. "

    Hanuman humbly bowed down and said "Why not we go down and present our case"

    Ram said "Times have changed since we were down there. They will ask us to submit age proof and we don't have either a birth certificate or school leaving certificate. We traveled mainly on foot and some times in bullock carts and so we don't have a driving license either. As far as the address proof is concerned the fact that I was born at Ayodhya is itself under litigation for over half a century, If I go in a traditional attire with bow and arrow, the ordinary folks may recognize me but Arjun Singh may take me to be some tribal and, at the most, offer a seat at IIT under the reserved category. Also, a God cannot walk in dressed in a three-piece suit and announce his arrival. It would make even the devotees suspicious. So it is dilemma so to say."

    "I can vouch for you by saying that I personally built the bridge."

    "My dear, Anjani putra, it will not work. They will ask you to produce the lay-out plan, the project details, including financial outlay and how the project cost was met and the completion certificate. Nothing is accepted without documentary evidence in India. You may cough, but unless a doctor certifies it, you have no cough. A pensioner may present himself personally but the authorities do not take it as proof. He has to produce a life-certificate to prove that he is alive. It is that complicated."

    "Lord can't understand these historians. Over the years you have given darshan once every hundred years to saints like Surdas, Tulsidas, Saint Thyagaraja, Jayadeva, Bhadrachala Ramdas and even Sant Tukaram and still they disbelieve your existence and say Ramayana is a myth. The only option, I see, is to re-enact Ramayana on earth and set the government records straight once for all."

    Lord smiled "It isn't that easy today. Ravan is apprehensive that he may look like a saint in front of Karunanidhi. I also spoke to his mama Mareecha, who appeared as a golden deer to tempt Sita maiyya when I was in the forest and he said that he won't take a chance of stepping on earth as long as Salman Khan is around."

    contributed by Ms. Aparna Ganapathy
    Blogger Hemalatha said...
    Wonderful ! The photo is also excellent. Thanks and Regards
    December 18, 2010 11:08 PM

    Songs on Lord Muruga - Light Music

    P. Susheela's melodious songs are available here

    Download 01 - Kanda_sashti_kavasam.mp3
    Download 02 - Saravanapoigayil - P.Suseela.mp3
    Download 03 - Sollasolla - P. Suseela.mp3
    Download 04 - Pazhamneyappa - K.B. Sundarambal.mp3
    Download 05 - Azhagan muruganidam - P. Suseela.mp3
    Download 06 - Pazhamudtir cholaiyile - P. Suseela .mp3
    Download 07 - Maname muruganin - P. Suseela.mp3
    Download 08 - Velodu vilaiyadum. - P. Suseela.mp3
    Download 09 - Aarupadai veedu konda - Sirgaazhi Govindarajan.mp3
    Download 10 - Unai paadum - T.M.Sounderrajan .mp3
    Download 11 - Andru - T.M. Sounderrajan.mp3 -
    Download 12 - Enthan - T.M.Sounderrajan.mp3
    Download 13 - Enakkum (1) - T.M.Sounderrajan.mp3
    Download 14 - Enakkum - T.M. Soundarrajan.mp3
    Download 15 - Karpagame - T M. Sounderrajan.mp3
    Download 16 - Thanthaiyudan - T.M. Sounderrajan.mp3
    Download 17 - Arumbugal - T.M. Sounderrajan.mp3
    Download 18 - Isaiyaal - T.M. Sounderrajan.mp3
    Download 19 - Annai ennum - T.M. Sounderrajan.mp3

    1. Thirupparan gundrathil - P. Susheela

    2. Muththai tharu - T.M.S
    3. Thiruppugazhai paada - P. Susheela

    4. h
    5. Sendhoor murugan 

    6. Mannaanaalum

    7. Sendhooril alai osai - T.M.S
    Anonymous aman said...
    thanx to provide these nice devotional mp3.this blog is outstanding.
    December 18, 2010 12:00 PM
    Blogger Arichandran said...
    It is great. I was just searching these songs of P Susheela. Its all gifted by GOD to listen to her voice to rejuvenate our soul. I think you have wonderful heart to display such songs on net. Many in the world will see these and get them cleaned from sorrow in life. Its all our Tamil Language
    January 15, 2011 7:31 AM