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Thursday, February 11, 2010

An appeal to my readers

Dear Readers,

Here is the invitation for Rasikapriya Award function. I will be glad if any of the readers contributes their mite for this function. The cheques may be sent favouring "Gaanapriya Foundation" to the address of T 1, Govardan Apartments, 47, Dr. Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004 or may be directly credited to Savings Bank account No, 909010037981094 of Gaanapriya Foundation, with Axis Bank Ltd, R.A Puram Branch, Chennai with intimation to my mail to enable us to account properly and send you the official receipt. You can also make payment through "Paypal" to  You can also go to to know about its aims and objects.

Will assure you that I will continue to contribute more and more for Carnatic music with your cooperation and support.


I will be posting my Naadhaswaram collections by various artists. Keep looking out for additions now and then
  1. Kaambodhi - Aalaapana - Thani and Raagamalika Kaarukurichi Arunachalam 
  2. Gajaananyudham - Vegavauhini - Adyar S. Jayaraman 
  3. Sabaapahim - Gambiravaani - Adyar S. Jayaraman 
  4. Dheva dheva kalayaamidhe - Maayamaalavagowla - Adyar S. Jayaraman 
  5. Sree kaanthimathim - Hemaavathi - Adyar S. Jayaraman  
  6. Om Namo Naaraayana - Karna ranjani - Adyar S. Jayaraman  
  7. Thaaye bhairavi - Bhairavi - Adyar S. Jayaraman 
  8. Enthuku bethala - Sankarabaranam - Adyar S. Jayaraman 
  9. Vaathapi - Hamsadhwani - M.P.N. Sethuraman & Ponnuswamy  
  10. Kavalellaam - Bilahari - M.P.N. Sethuraman & Ponnuswamy 
  11. Nee dhaya raadhaa - Vasantha bhairavi - Namagiripettai Krishnan 
  12. Naanaadhi - Revathi - Namagiripettai Krishnan  
  13. Thillaana - Kaapi - Naamagiripettai Krishnan
  14. Sarasa saama - Kapinaaraayani - T.N. Rajarathnam Pillai 
  15. Raghuvaraa - Kaamavardhini - T. N. Rajarathnam Pillai 
  16. Saraswathi - Hindholam - T.N. Rajarathanm Pillai 
  17. Inthakanantha - Bilahari - T. N. Rajarathnam Pillai 
  18. Varaali - Aalaapanai - T. N. Rajarathanm Pillai 
  19. Raaman perumaiye - Naattakurinji - T.N. Rajarathnam Pillai 
  20. Sagi Praana - Senchurutti - T.N. Rajarathanm Pillai
to be continued 
Blogger cvsmuthy said...
Dear Sir, Thank you for posting some very good nadaswaram audio. Would like to have Vasudeva eni by Namagiripettai or AKC if it can be provided.
February 11, 2010 5:00 PM
Blogger Sriram said...
Dear Sir, Following 3 links are not working. 11) Nee dhaya raadhaa - Vasantha bhairavi - Namagiripettai Krishnan 8) Enthuku bethala - Sankarabaranam - Adyar S. Jayaraman 7) Thaaye bhairavi - Bhairavi - Adyar S. Jayaraman Can you Please look into it? Thanks S.Sriram
January 17, 2011 12:04 AM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Dear Mr. Sriram,

I have uploaded Adyar S. Jayaramans two songs mentioned by you afresh. "Nee dhaya radha" by Namagiripetttai Krishnan is now available in the label "Naadhaswaram 2". Please down load from there.
January 17, 2011 10:48 AM