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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Here are the bhajans from Swami Haridoss. They can be straightaway heard by clicking. No need to download,

  1. Aaragimpave
  2. Godhoodi
  3. hecharika raa raa
  4. Inba kanaa ondru
  5. Jaya govindhaa
  6. laali laaliyani
  7. Moola chalaadane
  8. Saranam bu kari raaja
  9. Vedhamirandu irandu
  10. Vidamo
  11. Vigna raaja upaasmahe
  12. Andhkoyaam
  13. Dhurnadhame
  14. Hethi hethi
  15. Hiraithamardhithe
  16. Indhu
  17. Janakaathi
  18. Kaaveri dheera
  19. Kousalya supraja
  20. Kunkuma chandana
  21. Manjudhara
  22. Phoola baagu
  23. Pooray mama
  24. Lelavadhara jo jo
  25. Shobaname


Abhogi is a raga that is popular in Carnatic music as well as Hindustani music. Its root is in the 22nd basic scale (Kharaharapriya raga) of the 72 melakartha of Carnatic music. It is nevertheless a fairly recent raga.

Arohana (order of ascending notes in the scale): S R G M D s
Avarohana (order of descending notes in the scale): s D M G R S

G._N._Balasubramaniam (Carnatic vocalist) is known for commencing many of his concerts with the Aboghi varnam, Evari bodhana.

Jeeva Swaras
G and D


Organization & Relationships
Pa and Ni are omitted. Also Re os often omitted in ascent. Flat Ga is often approached from Ma in ascend and has a slight oscillation to show the typical Kanada. In descend often the typical Kanada phrase gMRS is used.Related ragas: Bageshree. However, Bageshri also includes flat Ni and a limited use of Pa, which gives a different flavour.[1]Thaat: Kafi.

Samay (Time)
Night, approximately 9PM-12AM.

Certain Indian ragas are believed to produce effects on the human body or on the environment. Aboghi is said to increase appetite.

Download Varnam - Aabhogi - Evari bodha.mp3
Download Thangaradham vandhadhu.mp3
Download Sabaapathikku - Aabhogi.mp3
Download Sabaapathikku.MP3
Download Nekkurugi.mp3
Download Guruvarulum.m4a
Download nannu_brova.m4a
Download Sri_mahaganapathe.m4a
Download Sree_Mahaganapathe.m4a
Download Sabapthikku-Aabhogi.m4a
Download Sabapathikku_Veru.mp3
Download Ninaittadettanai_–_Ragam_Abhogi.m4a
Download Lalithambike.m4a
Download Vegame_Gaava_(Abhogi_Adi_Balamura.m4a
Download Sabapatiku_Verudeivam_-_Abhogi_-.m4a
Download Sabapathikku_-_Ahogi_-_Rupakam_-.m4a
Download Sabaapathikku_-_Abogi.m4a
Download Nekkurugi.m4a
Download Harihara_sudhane.m4a
Download Nekkurugi.m4a
Download Vegame_Gaava.m4a
Download Vegamay_-_Raga_Abhogi_-_Tala_Adi.m4a
Download Sabaapathikku.m4a
Download Nannu_Brova.mp3
Download Manujudai_Putti.m4a
Download Manasu_nilpa.m4a
Download Evarbodana-A.mp3
Download Varnam_-_Aabhogi_-_Evvaribodha.m4a
Download Everi_bodha-Abhogi.mp3
Download Sabaapathikku.m4a
Download Manasu_nilpa.m4a
Download Vedhattin_Ulle_-_Aboge_-_Adi.m4a
Download Varnam_-_Aabhogi_-_Evvari_Bodha.m4a
Download Nekkurugi-Abhogi-Adi.m4a