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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My diary - 7th May 2009- - Some additions

My house was filled with lot of guests and so I could not use my laptop, except for going through my mails. Hence, I could not post any thing fresh.

I have added more songs in Bhajans. Readers who thought, I completed Bhajans may go to the label again and download more of them.

Shri. Aiyah was kind enough to send me two more songs of N.C. Vasanthakokilam and I have added them also. Let us thank Shri. Aiyah for his gesture.

I take this opportunity to thank all those readers, who were prompt in pointing out the errors in the links, to enable me to correct them.

My first priority in life is always my fellow beings. When they are not around me, my next priority is Music. My third priority is cricket. Since, IPL in South Africa is in full swing, nearly seven hours in a day is spent with TV. Hence, my time to concentrate on my blog is affected.

Now all the relatives have left, I can spend more time with my laptop and you be ready for some more feasts.