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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is our character?


The jokes we CHOOSE to share…and not to share.

The derogatory terms we CHOOSE to use…and refuse to use.

The promises we CHOOSE to break…and the ones we keep.

The rumors we CHOOSE to spread…and those we ignore.

The resources we CHOOSE to waste…and those we use wisely.

The lies we CHOOSE to tell…and not to tell.

The responsibilities we CHOOSE to accept…and those we shirk.

The courtesies we CHOOSE to extend…and fail to extend.

The efforts we CHOOSE to put forth…and not put forth.

The quality we CHOOSE to provide…and the corners we cut.
The listening we CHOOSE to do and not do.

The respect we CHOOSE to give…and fail to give.

The helpful hands we CHOOSE to extend…and those we keep in our pockets.