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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sachin's world record

Hi guys,

"If you want to commit any sin, do it right now, because God is also watching Sachin batting."

If some body feels that Lara has done this in lesser tests please read this:

"While it is true that Lara scored his runs in 20 fewer tests, his volatile character and his inability to lift West Indies cricket out of the doldrums will always make him second best in any comparison with Tendulkar" - Boris Majumdar, Cricket historian.

And do not forget, Lara never faced the most dangerous west indies bowlers, whereas Sachin faced them in 16 tests.

And read this also

"We put up with corruption, don't mind poor toilets, manfully live through terrorism, but cannot allow Tendulkar, in the end just a man, to fail occasionally - Harsha Bhogle