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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Concert - Mahathi 1st Sep 09

A letter from a father to his little son/daughter

Dear Loving Son, It's been 20 months since you set foot in the world.

When I held you for the first time your tiny hands were twitching and your eyes were shut tight.

Your clenched fist reminded me of a science lesson that said to get an idea about the size of your heart, you should clench your fist.

I began to imagine the little heart throbbing inside you. I CRIED.

Before I married your mother, I used to debate one question endlessly with my friend.

"Is it really worth bringing another life into this world?" Especially when terror looms around so high

This is my attempt at an answer to that ALL IMPORTANT QUESTION.

I feel there are two ways to raise you.

One is to grow you on Cynicism -where you'll erect a sky-high wall in your mind and live your life scorning everything you see.

The other way is …. to prepare you to live in this world.

I can't imagine the world for you, son.

But i can certainly show you the way to live in an uncertain world.

Make a pact with yourself.

Understand the following early on.

Life is precious. And equally fragile. So every day is a gift. Get up early once in a while just to watch the sun rise. Stare at it intently and burn it in your memory. Be aware of every passing second. Look around you. There's a thin stalk of plant finding its place under the sun in a crevice on the wall of our apartment.

Appreciate mother's cooking. Praise it to heavens... Make it a habit to eat together as a family. No, make it a rule. Fall in love with books. Words will transport you to worlds far away. It will also keep you informed and prepared.

Follow your heart. The mind can waver but the heart seldom does. Respect your conscience. It's like a post-it note from God.

When you grow up, seek a job you love. As you enter the world of careers and cocktails, you'll get sucked into a vortex called rat race. Don't be overwhelmed. We're all human. But have the courage to step out of it. Nothing will be lost. Only Some of our illusions will shatter. Good riddance.

Money. It's important. But it has its place. Don't make the mistake of putting it right on top.

Find your love. Hold it dearly. Be a good husband. A patient father. Give your children space to make their mistakes. But hold them when they fall but don’t let them follow too often!!!!

Speak up when you have to. Like this occasion. Whether we like it or not, we're living in a democracy. Sure it has its pitfalls. But don't forget the positives too. The real fight in a democracy is between remembering and forgetting. Go and vote. It's your chance to give shape to the kind of society you want to live in.

Be alert. But try not to live in a state of fear.

start living every day like it is the last day of your life.

Don't have regrets. They defeat the very purpose of life.

Immersed as I am in work most of the time, this letter is also a wake-up call for me.

Love, Dad